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Leukémiás kisfiú kívánsága vált valóra: találkozhatott Pókemberrel. 

6-year-old boy with leukaemia meets Spiderman, London

A six-year-old boy suffering from leukaemia had his dream come true – when he saw Spiderman shoot a web from the top of a 117ft tall building. Youngster Adjani Mamboleo from Leeds, West Yorks, travelled almost 200 miles to Wembley, London, in a limousine to meet his favourite superhero. Spiderman can be seen hanging from his ‘web’ as he scales the walls of leading office provider Business Environment’s Wembley office.

Children’s charity Rays of Sunshine gave Adjani the chance to meet his hero at the bottom of the 12-storey building. Adjani is currently undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, which was diagnosed when he was four. His greatest wish is to be Spiderman and meet the real Spiderman.
Rays of Sunshine grants the wishes of children with serious or life-limiting illnesses.

He travelled in style to see Spiderman’s powers brought to life and also had the opportunity to meet him and ask him questions about his secret superhero life. His mother, Sharon a social worker, said: "We travelled down in the limousine and Adjani was so excited – he had no idea what was going to happen. He couldn’t believe it when he saw Spiderman climbing down this huge building. It was such a fantastic day and he even got to meet his favourite superhero and have a chat with him. It was the best feeling seeing his wish and dream come true."

David Saul, from Business Environment and co-founder of Rays of Sunshine, said: "We are immensely proud to be able to make the wishes of children like Adjani come true. All of the children Rays of Sunshine help are bravely battling through serious illnesses and to bring them a moment of happiness like this is so important to them and their families."

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to suffer from – valamilyen betegségben szenvedni
to come true – valóra válni
to scale – megmászni
charity – jótékony célú szervezet
currently – jelenleg
to undergo treatment – kezelés alatt állni
to grant a wish – kívánságot valóra váltani
serious – komoly, súlyos
life-limiting – életet megrövidítő
in style – stílusosan, luxusban
opportunity – lehetőség, alkalom
social worker – szociális gondozó
to be excited – izgatott lenni
proud – büszke
bravely – bátran
to battle – harcolni, küzdeni

Match the words with the definitions.

1. social worker

a) to do something with courage

2. to undergo treatment

b) to become real

3. to come true

c) person whose job is to help the poor, the chronically ill, etc.

4. bravely

d) to fight

5. to battle

e) to get medicine for an illness

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-b 4-a 5-d




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