A tudományos pályán dolgozó nők és lányok világnapja – videó és hallás utáni szövegértési feladat

Február 11-én van a tudományos pályán dolgozó nők és lányok világnapja. A kis videó 4 híres tudósnőt mutat be nekünk.

A videó megnézése után próbáld kiegészíteni a hiányzó részeket a videóban elhangozott információk alapján.

Marie Curie was born in Poland but did most of her work in 1._____. She is the only person to win a Nobel Prize that’s the biggest award in science for 2.___ different areas. The first was for 3.______. Marie and her husband Pierre studied 4.______ which is random energy that atoms give out. It can be  very dangerous but it can also be used to 5. _____ cancer, for example. Her second prize was for 6. ______ because she discovered two 7. ________: radium and polonium.

Jane Goodall is a British scientist who studies animal 8. ______, especially chimpanzees. She really loves her job and she has spent 9. _____years studying a group of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. Her work showed us that we’re much closer to the animal 10. ______ than we thought. She observed chimpanzees using simple 11. _____ before we thought humans were the only creatures smart enough to do this.

Grace Hopper works for the US Navy for 42 years and was one of the most important people in the development of modern computer 12. _____. A computer normally works in ones and zeros, we call this 13. ______ code but if you want to make the computer do something 14. ____________ you would have to write a lot of ones and zeros and we really mean a lot. Grace Hoppers idea was to create a compiler so you could write in English, for example and the compiler would 15. _____ it _____ binary code without her.

Rosalind Franklin was a British chemist who died very young at just 16. ____. She was working on a very important subject the study of 17. ______. You are made up of lots of tiny cells. Those cells only know what  size shape and function they should have because it’s written in your DNA. DNA is like a 18. _______ that explains everything from your hair color, how tall you are, how many fingers you have, everything. Rosalind Franklin took x-ray pictures of DNA and she almost 19. _______ its structure. However, two male scientists, Watson and Crick, used her 20. _________ themselves and won a Nobel Prize.

keys/megoldások: 1. France; 2. two; 3. physics; 4. radiation; 5. treat; 6. chemistry; 7. elements; 8. behavior; 9. 55; 10. kingdom; 11. tools; 12. software; 13. binary; 14. complicated; 15. turn – into; 16. 37; 17. DNA; 18. code book; 19. worked out; 20. discovery


radiation sugárzás
to give out kibocsátani
elements elemek
behavior viselkedés
animal kingdom állatvilág
tools eszközök/
creatures teremtmények
compiler fordítóprogram
to be made
up of
valamiből állni
cells sejtek
x-ray röntgen sugár
to work out megfejteni

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