A tűzoltó és a megmentett kiscica esete – VIDEÓVAL!


Nézd meg - és persze olvasd is el, sőt feladat is van - hogyan mentette meg a tűzoltó a kiscica életét. A videót a sisakjára szerelt kamera vette fel! 

Firefighter brings ‘dead’ kitten back to life with oxygen – and captures rescue on helmet cam

Rescuing animals from danger is all in a day’s work for most firemen. But Californian firefighter Cory Kalanick went one stage further when he emerged from a charred building carrying a limp kitten and gave it oxygen to get it breathing again.

The fluffy pet – which firefighters named Lucky – lay lifeless on Cory’s glove as an oxygen mask was placed over the tiny animal’s face and water was sprinkled onto his fur in a bid to save him. It took 15 minutes and a full tank of air before the startled kitten started to move and meow.

Cory, who captured the whole mind-blowing rescue on a camera strapped to the front of his helmet, told US Breaking News Today channel: "I looked down and could actually see the cat shining in my flash light so I grabbed him. It’s a pretty cool thing that we were able to help the kitten out."

to capture – (képet, hangot) felvenni, rögzíteni
it’s all in a day’s work – mindennapos dolog
to emerge – felbukkani
charred – elszenesedett
limp – ernyedt
fluffy – bolyhos
lifeless – élettelen
to sprinkle – locsolni
startled – rémült
mind-blowing – észbontó
to strap – felszíjazni
flash light – elemlámpa

True or false?

1. The firefighter could hear the cat meowing in the house.
2. He used oxygen and cold water to revive the cat.
3. The video was made by his colleague.
4. It is usual for firefighters to save animals.
5. The kitten came to a quarter of an hour later.

Nézd meg ezt is:  Welcome Prince Louis Arthur Charles!

Answers: 1. F, 2. T, 3. F, 4. T, 5. T

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