A világ legnagyobb földalatti trambulinja

A világ legnagyobb földalatti trambulinja

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Az új angol látványosság pár napon belül nyílik egy walesi barlangban.

Is this huge underground trampoline in Wales the best thing ever?

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this amazing photograph, please? A giant trampoline in a cave that’s twice the size of St Paul’s cathedral. Just wow.

This ridiculously cool spectacle is in fact the world’s biggest underground trampoline (you’d have thought it was the world’s only underground trampoline, right?), and it’s set to open in North Wales early next month. Which is beyond exciting because these ridiculously cool concepts are always either in Japan or the US, so let’s all just give a really big high five to the Brits behind Bounce Below.

The cave itself features various trampolines at different levels, which are connected by 18 m slides (not a joke).

When the caverns open on July 4, guests will be taken to the caves by mining carts and kitted out in special overalls and a helmet, while brightly coloured LED lights guide them through the darkness. And how long did it take to build you ask? Five months, and it included removing five tonnes worth of rubble.

source: www.metro.co.uk

to appreciate - értékelni
giant – óriási
trampoline – trambulin, ugráló
cave - barlang
ridiculously - nevetségesen
spectacle - látvány
underground - földalatti
to be set to open – tervek szerint nyílik
beyond exciting – több, mint izgi
concept - elképzelés
to give a high five – pacsizni
level - szint
to be connected – össze vannak kapcsolva
slide - csúszda
cavern - barlang
mining cart - csille
to be kitted out – felszereléssel ellátják
helmet - sisak
to remove - eltávolítani
rubble – törmelék

Fill in the gaps with the right words. There is one extra.






to remove

1. The children really liked the fast ……………….. on the new playground.

2. After the earthquake a lot of ……………….. had to be cleaned away.

3. Jim parked his car in a nearby ……………….. garage.

4. We’re planning a visit to Hungary’s longest ……………….. .

5. Could you please ……………….. your advertisement from the office notice board? It is reserved for company news.

answers: 1-slide 2-rubble 3-underground 4-cave 5-remove

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