A WIFI-re allergiás férfi esete

A WIFI-re allergiás férfi esete

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Olvasd el a férfi esetét, aki allergiás a WIFI-re! 


58-year-old Guy Hudson is one of a growing number of people who identify themselves as being 'electrosensitive'.

This group are 'allergic' to low electromagnetic fields - the kind produced by mobile phones and WiFi - and exposure leads to a raft of physical symptoms.

Guy has suffered for the past eight years. It began with headaches but developed into 24/7 debilitating pain and he was forced to give up his work as an IT consultant.

He spent his time researching what could be wrong with him and discovered the condition 'electro-hypersensitivity' (EHS).

Realising his headaches got worse when he used his phone, Guy began to read up on the subject.

But it was when he had WiFi installed - and his symptoms noticeably worsened - that he was convinced.

The idea of electrosensivity was first studied in the 1970s, but in recent years there has been an upsurge in those claiming to suffer from it.

Despite this scientific tests have failed to back up their claims and many experts remain sceptical.

growing - növekvő
electromagnetic - elektromágneses
exposure - valaminek való kitétel
raft  - adag, sorozat valami
to develop - kialakulni
debilitating - legyengítő
consultant - szaktanácsadó
'electro-hypersensitivity'  - elektromosságra-túlérzékenység
to install - beépíteni, installálni
noticeably - feltünő(en)
upsurge- feltörés , fellendülés
to claim - állítani
to back up- alátámasztani
sceptical - szkeptikus, hitetlenkedő

Comprehension questions

1. How old is Guy Hudson now?

2. What does EHS stand for?

3. What were the first symptoms that made Hudson suspicious about electromagnetic fields?

4. When was The idea of electrosensivity was first studied?

5. What did Hudson do for a living?

Answers: 58, electro-hypersensitivity, growing headaches, in the  1970s, he is an IT consultant

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