5 Perc Angol zene: The House of Hungarian Music

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A New Wonder in Hungary: The House of Hungarian Music

Music holds a special place in Hungary and the hearts and minds of Hungarians. A great number of Hungarian composers have created outstanding music, and Zoltán Kodály established a technique for teaching music and music theory that is widely used and appreciated all around the world. Since January, Hungary has had a new institution dedicated to music in Budapest City Park, which was inspired by Zoltán Kodály’s iconic concept: “Let music belong to everyone!” The House of Hungarian Music is a stunning structure that is ideal for concerts as well as music education to the general public.

An architectural beauty

The unique-looking building was designed by renowned Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and has evolved into a true contemporary architectural masterpiece. It is nestled among the trees of the City Park and honours its natural environment to a great extent. Sou Fujimoto intended to create a harmonic transition between the natural and man-made worlds, and the building melts into nature as a continuation of the park itself. It provides a one-of-a-kind artistic experience that incorporates landscape, architecture, and exhibition design, all of which serve the creation of music and sound.

The architects created a completely translucent façade by merging the exterior with the interior and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor using 94 bespoke heat-insulated and undivided glass panels. The building’s main architectural feature is its unusual white floating mushroom-like ceiling punctured by over 100 crater-like holes that allow the park’s trees to grow through them or serve as lightwells that illuminate the inside from top to bottom. They create a special atmosphere by making visitors feel as if they are wandering among the trees. As many trees as possible were saved by providing them space and allowing them to grow through the roof. The various forms of sound waves inspired the design of the roof.

Sou Fujimoto, the lead architect, says: “We were enchanted by the multitude of trees in the City Park and inspired by the space created by them. Whilst the thick and rich canopy covers and protects its surroundings, it also allows the sun’s rays to reach the ground. I envisaged the open floor plan, where boundaries between inside and outside blur, as a continuation of the natural environment.”

30,000 geometric shapes in the shape of golden-coloured tree leaves have been installed on the ceiling at the bottom of the roof. Gold is traditionally a colour associated with music, that’s why the leaves are golden-coloured. Robot technology was used to carve the leaves into shapes from metal sheets, and every single one has a unique shape.

The overall size of the floor is 9,000 square meters. The House is divided into three unique floors, each mirroring the three movements of a musical score and weaving nature and music together. A spiral staircase made of black metal connects the floors.

To resemble nature even more, the building’s floors are not completely flat but they either slant or rise to some degree.

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dedicated to szentelve valaminek
concept elképzelés, koncepció
renowned híres, nevezetes
masterpiece remekmű
to be nestled befészkelődik, besimul
transition átmenet
to melt into beolvadni
continuation folytatás
to incorporate magában foglalni
translucent átlátszó
façade homlokzat
to merge összeolvasztani, összemosni
exterior külső
interior belső
to blur elmosni, elmosódni
bespoke külön ide készített
heat-insulated hőszigetelt
undivided osztatlan
floating lebegő
to puncture átszúrni, átlyuggatni
lightwell fénykút
to illuminate megvilágítani
to wander kószálni
sound waves hanghullámok
to be enchanted elbűvölve lenni
canopy lombkorona
to carve kivésni
musical score kotta
to slant lejteni

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