Steve Jobs Portrait Made of Keyboard Keys

Steve Jobs Portrait Made of Keyboard Keys

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Ukrán diákok stílusosan számítógép billentyűkből készítették el Steve Jobs portréját. Videós lecke feladattal. 

Three Ukrainian IT students have paid tribute to late U.S. businessman and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs by making his portrait with computer keyboard keys.

The students from a private IT academy in the southeastern city of Mariupol spent three months dismantling around 100 keyboards to make a replica of Jobs’ face.

“At first we had chosen together with the students, whose portrait is depicted. It was decided that it would definitely be Steve Jobs’. The creation began with the dismantling of the old keyboards that brought the students of our Academy, and ended with new ones, straight from the shop”, – said the head of the project Igor Smugly.

"When I began, I spent around three hours to glue two lines of keys," student Ivan Kuchugura told television channel TRK Ukraine. "I burnt my fingers as it was hot glue...I had to take breaks...because I had pain in my back so it was very difficult."

The artwork, which includes the words "Apple", "Steve Jobs" and "iPhone" was hung on a classroom wall at the academy. The tile size of it is 1.37 x 0,99 m.

Can you match the words with their synonyms?

1. creation

a. to portray

2. to dismantle

b. to scorch

3. to depict

c. putting together

4. to burn

d. soreness

5. pain

e. to take apart


1. c.

2. e.

3. a.

4. b.

5. d.


to pay tribute

leróni a tiszteletét


néhai, elhunyt



to dismantle


to depict


to glue


to take a break

szünetet tartani



to hang, hung, hung


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