Az álmos bagoly és az esküvő esete


Olvasd el az álmos bagoly és az esküvő esetét! 

Meet me at the Owl-tar! Romantic bird fails to deliver wedding rings, falls asleep in church roof

It was supposed to come sweeping down in a magnificent display of elegance. However, an owl, which should have delivered rings to a couple at the foot of the aisle on their wedding day, instead flew up into the church rafters and fell asleep for an hour.

The service, in the Holy Cross Church in Sherston, Wiltshire, had to be halted while desperate helpers tried – and failed – to coax the barn owl down. The owl, named Darcey, had other ideas and felt that the corner was far too cosy.

Having fallen asleep for an hour, with red ribbons still attached to its feet, Reverend Chris Bryan decided not to sit through the pause, but continued with a set of back-up wedding rings until the bird felt ready to descend.

source: Metro

to fail – nem sikerül vmi
to be supposed to – úgy volt, hogy…, kellett volna …
display – bemutató
to deliver – szállít, kézbesít
aisle – a templomi padsorok közti folyosó
to halt – megállni, megállítani
to coax – csalogat
cosy – barátságos, kényelmes hely
ribbon – szalag
pause – szünet
back-up – pót
to descend– leszállni

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