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Újévi jókívánságot és egy 5 fontos bankjegyet talált egy angol vásárló egy doboz tojásban. 

Shopper finds five pound and New Year note in egg box, Hampshire

 A shopper received a cracking treat when she opened a box of eggs – to find a five pound note next to a message wishing her a ‘Happy New Year’. Lauren Scouse, 31, went shopping for her grandmother and stopped on her way home to pick up groceries at her local Tesco store. When she picked up the box of six eggs she was stunned to find a message inside next to a five pound note. The note read: "Happy New Year. May it be full of health, peace and prosperity."

Mother-of-two Miss Scouse from Portsmouth, Hants, thinks the money was donated by a random member of the public. She said: "When I first saw the money I immediately thought ‘that shouldn’t be in there’. I thought it was really lovely and it’s so nice knowing that someone has done that without knowing who it was going to. I think a member of the public has done it, but I felt really bad for taking the cash, it just seems very random but kind. I didn’t want anyone to think I was stealing anything. If it hadn’t had a note in there then I would have felt wrong."

Lauren, a stay-at-home mum, said she will treasure the gift before she decides what to spend it on.

She added: "My sister said I should just keep it on the noticeboard. I know it’s only 5 pounds and it’s not a life changing amount of money but it was really kind. I put it up on Facebook and a lot of people have shared it and written nice things. A lot of people have said it’s something that they wanted to do – maybe I will do it next year. I was explaining it to my children and saying how kind it was and that it was a surprise. I was talking to them about how it’s nice to do that for people. It’s good to teach them about things like that."

She continued: "I would like to thank them. We always hear about all these bad things happening. It’s nice that someone has had that thought to make someone’s day or make that shopping trip a bit easier. Whoever it is I want them to know it’s appreciated and it has not gone unnoticed. What a lovely thing to do."

Staff at the Tesco store said they knew nothing about the donation.

cracking surprise hirtelen meglepetés, itt szóvicc
to crack an egg – tojást megtörni
groceries – élelmiszerek
to be stunned – megdöbbent
prosperity – bőség, jólét
to donate – adományozni
member of the public – a nagyközönség egy tagja
random – véletlenszerű
to steal – lopni
stay-at-home mum – gyerekekkel otthon maradó anyuka
noticeboard – üzenőfal
amount – összeg, mennyiség
to share – elosztani, itt megosztani (Facebookon)
to continue – folytatni
to make someone’s day – feldobni valakinek a napját
to appreciate – értékelni
to go unnoticed – észrevétlen marad, nem tűnik fel
staff – alkalmazottak 

Find the synonyms. 

1. staff

a) to divide

2. to continue

b) food

3. to share

c) surprised

4. stunned

d) to go on

5. groceries

e) workers



Answers: 1-e 2-d 3-a 4-c 5-b

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