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... mert egy nő lenyúlta a taxiját :(

British woman gives birth to healthy daughter on New York street

A British mother gave birth on a New York street after she tried to hail a cab – only to see another woman steal her ride.

Polly McCourt, 39, went into labour and tried to flag down a taxi outside her Manhattan apartment at the junction of 68th Street and Third Avenue with the help of her doorman. She said: ‘He was trying desperately to hail a cab and a lady walked out five metres in front of him and hailed a cab and got into it. I went: “That’s my cab, I want that cab!”’ Her baby’s head was showing and Mrs McCourt, originally from Black Bourton in Oxfordshire, had to give birth on the pavement with help from passers-by and her doorman.

Her husband, Cian McCourt, 40, was reportedly stuck in traffic when he found out she was in labour and arrived just after she gave birth to their healthy daughter. The scene was caught on camera by a passing news crew, capturing the moment the 3350g newborn was successfully delivered. The pair were kept warm with coats and scarves until an ambulance arrived to take them to Lennox Hill Hospital. Mrs McCourt named her girl Ila Isabella McCourt, the middle name honouring a woman who helped her through the ordeal.

source:, skynews

to hail a cab – taxit leinteni
labour – vajúdás
junction – kereszteződés
doorman – portás
pavement – járda
passer-by – járókelő
to be stuck in traffic – dugóban elakadni
scene – jelenet
news crew – hír forgatócsoport
newborn – újszülött
to deliver a baby – baba megszületésében segédkezni
middle name – második keresztnév
ordeal – megpróbáltatás

Fill in the gaps with the words in the table. There is one extra.



to hail a cab



to be stuck in traffic

1. Kate found a purse full of money lying on the ……………….. outside her house.

2. I’m sorry I’m late, I ……………….. .

3. Take a left turn at the next ……………….. .

4. I wanted to ……………….. but Kate offered to take me home.

5. Only a few ……………….. stopped to help my grandmother when she fell.

answers: 1-pavement 2-was stuck in traffic 3-junction 4-hail a cab 5-passers-by

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