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Chickens given hi vis jackets to help them cross the road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, at least they’ll get to the other side safely in these snazzy jackets. Domestic chicken owners are cladding their pet hens and roosters in high-visibility bibs to help keep them safe as the darker nights draw in this Autumn. The bright pink or yellow items of clothing are designed to alert motorists and others to keep the birds safe in the busy urban and suburban areas they live in.

The "High Vis Chicken Jackets" are being produced by Omlet, who also manufacture fashionable chicken coops to cater for the rise in the amount of chickens being kept as pets in the UK. "We had people inquiring about this kind of thing so decided to look into it," director Johannes Paul said. He added: “Most people who have chickens as pets will have them out and about and we do hear about chickens who do cross the road. If you imagine you are in a built-up area and your chicken gets under the fence, they don’t care if there is a road there. They just go straight across it.”

Omlet suggest the jackets are particularly helpful for battery hens, whose sparse feathers make them more susceptible to the cold. They go on to say that they could also help with hens who have recently moulted giving them extra warmth and as well as "protecting their modesty."

source: The Mirror

safely – biztonságosan
to clad – öltöztetni
high-visibility – láthatósági
bib – előke
to alert – figyelmeztetni
urban – városi
suburban – kertvárosi
to manufacture – gyártani
fashionable – divatos
chicken coop – tyúkketrec
to cater for – ellátni valakit valamivel
to inquire about – érdeklődni vmi iránt
to look into – megvizsgál valamit
to be out and about – rendszeresen van házon kívül
built-up area – beépített terület
battery hen – ketrecben tartott tyúk
sparse – ritka
susceptible to – fogékony, érzékeny valamire
to moult – vedleni
to protect – megvédeni
modesty – erkölcs, szerénység

Match the words with the definitions.

a) to protect

b) urban

c) safely

d) to manufacture

e) high-visibility

1. so as to avoid danger or injury

2. this describes a town or city area

3. it can be seen from far in the dark

4. to produce in a factory

5. to stop from being injured

answers: 1-c 2-b 3-e 4-d 5-a

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