Barbie-baba kívül-belül???


Hipnózissal próbál 'agyatlanná' válni :) 

Barbie-obsessed woman having hypnotherapy to become BRAINLESS

Blondie Bennett, 38, is seeing a therapist every week to make her more easily confused and vacant. Blondie, who changed her name a year and a half ago, said: “I’ve had 20 sessions and I’m already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time. Recently I went to pick a friend up at the airport and couldn’t remember if I needed to go to departures or arrivals. I also got lost for three hours driving to my mum’s house – the house where I grew up.” She added: "I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll and being brainless is a big part of that.”

Blondie, of California, has also spent £25K on five boob jobs taking her to a whopping 32JJ. And she regularly has spray tans, Botox and lip fillers to give her a more artificial appearance. But to make the transformation into the plastic toy complete, she is training herself to become more stupid.  The former size 0 model said: "When people ask why I want to be Barbie I think ‘who wouldn’t want to be?’ She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty – she doesn’t worry about anything.”

Blondie says her obsession with Barbie began at a young age when she played with the children’s favourite. In her teens she dressed like Barbie, bleached her hair and even drove a Corvette like her hero. Then at age 18 she took on promotional jobs at toy stores pretending to be Barbie. Blondie said: "People thought it was just a phase but I thought to myself as soon as I move out of home I’m going to turn myself into Barbie. My friends hated the attention I got from guys because of how I dressed. They told me to tone it down when I went out with them. I was forced to live a double life until about eight years ago when I decided to become Barbie for real and ignore what other people said."


confused – összezavarodott
vacant – üres
ditzy – szétszórt
to pick someone up – elmenni valakiért
to get lost – eltévedni
plastic doll – műanyag baba
brainless – agymosott, agyatlan
boob job – mellnagyobbítás
spray tan – barnító spray
artificial  – mű, mesterséges
appearance – kinézet, megjelenés
former – korábbi
to worry about – aggódni valami miatt
obsession – mánia
in her teens – tizenévesen
to bleach – szőkíteni (hajat), hipózni
promotional job – promóciós munka, reklámozás
to pretend to – úgy tenni, mintha
phase – időszak
to turn oneself into – valamivé változtatni magad
to tone it down – visszavenni valamiből
to be forced to – valamire kényszerül
double life – kettős élet
to ignore – figyelmen kívül hagyni

Fill the gaps with the words in the table. There is one extra.

to ignore

to get lost


in my teens



1. My brother is crazy about motorbikes. It’s a real ……………….. .

2. I went to lots of concerts ……………….. .

3. It’s easy for tourists to ……………….. in a big city.

4. So, what time is Gina coming? I’m a bit ……………….. about the schedule.

5. Stop ……………….. me! We need to talk about the money you owe me.

 answers: 1-obsession 2-in my teens 3-get lost 4-confused 5-ignoring

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