Batman exists!

Fehér Sára | 2013. 03. 05.

Még hogy nincsennek szuperhősök? Batman valóban visszatért! Szószedettel, audióval és videóval.

A Batman vigilante who stunned cops after marching a wanted “villain” into their station has been unmasked – as a Chinese takeaway delivery driver.

Caped crusader Stan Worby told gobsmacked officers at the counter: “I’ve caught this one for you. He’s all yours.” 

The masked crimefightercaptured on the Bradford police station’s CCTV — then vanished as mysteriously as he had appeared. Stan, 39, had dressed up as Batman for a joke as he watched a Bradford play Swansea in the Capital One Cup Final. But pal Danny Frayne called Stan and asked if he could take him to the police station. 

Joker Danny was said to have hit on the stunt after cops ordered him to give himself up. Stan told the Daily Telegraph: "It was a joke at the end of the day, and Danny wanted to go to the police station. “I had spoken to Danny during the week and tried to knock some sense into him. “It was getting on my nerves having police round all the time asking for him or his whereabouts. “Danny’s a good friend of mine and I’ve known him for 15 years or so. Who knows if I’ll be doing some more crime-fighting in the future?” His prisoner was taken to the cells on suspicion of burglary

Danny is thought to have got his tubby chum to don the hired Batman outfit — just like Del Boy’s hilarious version of the caped crusader in TV comedy Only Fools And Horses. A local joke shop told how a buyer in his 30s spent £49.99 on a Batman costume days earlier. An assistant said: “The one we sold is very similar.” 

City council leader David Green praised the local Dark Knight but joked: “I’ve yet to see a torched Batman image on the night sky above Bradford.” Frayne will face magistrates on Friday.


vigilante – polgárőr
to stun – le/megdöbbenteni
to march somebody into – bevonultatni valakit valahova
villain – gonosztevő, negatív szereplő
to unmask – leleplezni
caped – köpönyeges
crusader – keresztes vitéz
gobsmacked – letaglózott
crimefighter – bűnüldöző
to capture – (itt:)lencsevégre kapni
to vanish – eltűnni
mysteriously – titokzatosan, rejtélyesen
to appear – elő/feltűnni, felbukkani
stunt – mutatvány, trükk
to give oneself up – feladni magát
to knock some sense into someone – észhez téríteni valakit
to get on someone’s nerves – az idegeire menni valakinek
whereabouts – tartózkodási hely, hollét
on suspicion of burglary – betörés gyanújával
tubby – pocakos, köpcös
chum – haver
to don – felvenni, magára ölteni
to hire – (ki)bérelni
outfit – felszerelés, öltözet
hilarious – vicces, nevetséges
to praise – dícsérni
to torch – (bele)égetni, (fel)gyújtani, megvilágítani
image – kép(más) 
to face – szembenézni, szembesülni
magistrate – bíró, elöljáró

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