Borospince a babaházban?


Olvasd el és hallgasd meg - sőt még a feladatot is csináld meg - hogy milyen élethű mini borokat készítettek 1924-ben készül babaházhoz! 

Merchant creates mini fine wine doll’s house collection, London

A unique collection of wine based on miniature bottles made for an historic Queen’s doll house was today released – costing 30,000 pounds. The fine wine merchant which supplies The Queen has launched the new collection, which is inspired by Queen Mary’s Doll’s House. Berry Bros & Rudd sourced miniature bottles for the world’s largest and most famous dolls’ house when it was made for Queen Mary in 1924.

The 1ft to 1ins scale model was an incredibly detailed replica of a Neo-Classical home, furnished by the nation’s leading craftsmen. It included a fully stocked cellar with 1,200 miniature bottles – filled with genuine samples of the best wine, beer and spirits of the day.

Now Berry Bros & Rudd have compiled "The Dolls House Collection", which comprises 12 bottles of more recent vintages featured in the model.

The 30,000 pounds package is on sale at the merchant’s St James’s Street shop in central London, where they have been based since 1698. It contains two bottles of Champagne, one demi-sec Champagne, four red wines, one white wine, one sweet wine, a port, and a whiskey. Among them is a 2009 Romanee-Conti, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti – a fine red Burgundy which sells individually for 17,300 pounds. A 2009 Le Montrachet – a white wine from the same domain, which usually has a price tag 3,602.40 pounds – is also included. The oldest bottle is an 1855 Taylor port with a retail price of 2,195 pounds.

The exclusive collection has been launched by the world’s oldest wine merchant to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation. And it marks almost 90 years since leading architect Sir Edwin Lutyens made the house for the wife of King George V.

Francis Berry, from Berry Bros. & Rudd, was tasked with selecting the wines for the dolls’ house cellar. Grandson Simon Berry, who is now the company’s chairman and Clerk of the Royal Cellars, said the collection shows Queen Mary had "only the finest". He said: "It was a great honour for my grandfather to be asked to select and prepare The Queen Mary Dolls House cellar. Today’s collection brings together more recent vintages of 12 of the wines and spirits originally included. We have created a one-off case that will demonstrate how only the finest was selected for Queen Mary."

Berry Bros. & Rudd holds two warrants for The Queen and Prince Charles and continues to supply the Royal Family as they have for 300 years. The Royal Collection describes Queen Mary’s Doll’s House as the "largest, most beautiful, and most famous dolls’ house in the world".

It was built by Sir Edwin between 1921 and 1924, and includes contributions from 1,500 of the finest artists, craftsmen and manufacturers. The library contains miniature works by the top literary names of the day, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J. M. Barrie, Thomas Hardy, and Rudyard Kipling. The house – which even has electricity, running water, a working lift, and flushing toilet – now sits on display at Windsor Castle, in Windsor, Berks.

source: Solent News

merchant – kereskedő
to launch – beindítani, forgalomba hozni, piacra dobni
incredibly – hihetetlenül
detailed részletes, részletezett, aprólékos
to furnish – berendezni, bebútorozni
stocked felszerelt, nagy készlettel rendelkező
cellar – pince
genuine – eredeti, hiteles
sample – minta, kóstoló
spirits – szeszes italok
to comprise – tartalmazni, magába foglalni
individually egyénileg
domain – terület, birtok
price tag – árcédula
retail – kiskereskedelem
leading – vezető, fő
to task – feladattal megbízni
honour – megtiszteltetés
to demonstrate – szemléltetni
warrant – megbízás, jogosultság, oklevél
flushing lehúzható (öblíthető)
display – kiállítás

Match the words with their definitions.

1)         merchant         a)         authentic

2)         genuine           b)         show

3)         comprise         c)         separately

4)         individually     d)         consist of

5)         demonstrate    e)         vendor

Answers: 1) e, 2) a, 3) d, 4) c, 5) b


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