Budapest, a digitális nomádok városa? – olvasott/hallott szöveg értése (B1/B2)

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Budapest is becoming a popular place among digital nomads

Hungary’s capital is extremely popular with digital nomads, as evidenced by, a statistics site that provides them with basic information.

In July 2021, a government resolution was adopted on Hungary’s support for the entry and temporary settlement of digital nomads, and in November, the Parliament voted in favour of it, as reported.

Digital nomads have to apply for a so-called White Card in the country of their choice. However, not everyone can apply for one: for instance, a person who has already applied for a residence permit in Hungary for other purposes, such as studying, cannot apply for a White Card. Citizens of EEA member states (EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) cannot apply for a White Card, as they are subject to different entry-stay rules.

In Hungary, the White Card is available from 1 January 2022 and it can help the further development of start-ups in the Hungarian tech sector and also reduce the labour shortage in the sector.

It is estimated that there are currently around 3-5 thousand digital nomads working in Budapest. In the summer season, this number could jump to 8-10 thousand, but this includes European arrivals.

source: Daily News Hungary


evidenced tanúsítva
to provide ellátni
resolution határozat
to adopt elfogadni
support támogatás
entry belépés
temporary settlement ideiglenes letelepedés
to vote szavazni
in favour of sg valamit támogatva, javára
to apply folyamodni
residence permit letelepedési engedély
purpose cél
entry-stay belépés-tartózkodás
to reduce csökkenteni
labour shortage munkaerőhiány
to estimate becsülni, felbecsülni
currently jelenleg
to include magában foglalni

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