Capsule Apartments In Beijing Available For As Little As $16 Per Night

Capsule Apartments In Beijing Available For As Little As $16 Per Night

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Egy rövid olvasmány a kínai kapszulahotelekről feladattal és videóval. 

Capsule Apartments In Beijing Available For As Little As $16 Per Night

Shared capsule apartments have become a trend in China, particularly in Beijing. Usually a Japanese domain, shared capsule apartments are now showing up in China.  The China Daily website notes that a landlord in Beijing who manages one is offering a one night's stay inside the residence for around 16 dollars. 

While that cost is certainly low, the stipulation is that renters would have to share the space with up to 17 other individuals. The entire apartment encompasses approximately 1,700 square feet accommodating multiple people, however each built-in sleeping cubbie is extremely compact.

Reportedly this apartment may have to be shut down because the proper operational license was not obtained. While these small residences or micro-apartments seem to be increasing in popularity in high density areas like New York and China, the Japanese have long embraced the idea.

Simple economics make it hard to beat their cheap prices when compared to standard-sized apartments and hotels.

Now you have to use some of the words from the text to fill in the gap in this short summary.

There is a new …………… (1) in China, which has been popular for long among the …………… (2). In these apartments the …………… (3) have to sleep in very small …………… (4). The rent, however, is cheap …………… (5) standard apartments and hotels. There is an apartment in the capital, …………… (6), which the …………… (7) may have to …………… (8) because he has not …………… (9) an operational  …………… (10).


1. trend

2. Japanese

3. renters / people

4. capsules

5. compared to

6. Beijing

7. landlord

8. shut down

9. obtained

10 licence



közösen használt

to become a trend

divatba jönni




specialitás, szakterület



to manage

kezelni, kezelésben tartani


kikötés, feltétel



up to


to encompass

felölelni, magában foglalni

built-insleeping cubbie

beépített alvófülke



to shut down


operational license

működési engedély

to obtain


to increase in popularity

növekszik a népszerűsége

high density areas

nagy népsűrűségű területek



to embrace


compared to

összehasonlítva valamivel

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