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A megszokott májusi időpont helyett őszre halasztották a Chelsea Flower Show kiállítást, ami a világ egyik legnagyobb virágkiállítása. Dame Judi Dench a királyi család tagjai társaságban látogatta meg a kiállítást. Erről az eseményről szól a következő cikk.

On Monday, Dame Judi Dench was in fine company with Prince Edward, Sophie Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne as they attended a preview of London’s Chelsea Flower Show, the famous horticultural event that has long been attended by the royals.

While the Queen wasn’t in attendance, she did have a garden exhibit at the show: The RHS Queen’s Green Canopy Garden was created to highlight the importance of trees, woodlands, grasslands and meadows as vital wildlife habitat across the nation.

An ambassador for the garden, Dench marveled at the Queen’s record-breaking reign, noting “how fantastic that she is going to have been on the throne for 70 years — that’s never ever happened.”

While admitting she’s “not a gardener” per se, Dench told PEOPLE: “I love trees — they have always been one of my favorite things, if not my most favorite: trees and forests.”

The Oscar winner, 86, says she hopes the monarch, 95, “gets a quiet time to come and have a little wander about” in her dedicated garden.

Designed by David Dodd, the garden features a canopy of 21 trees, 3,500 plants and includes hay bale sculptures to invoke thoughts of the countryside and the partnership between nature and agriculture.

It’s hoped that the garden will inspire the public to join the Plant a Tree for the Jubilee campaign to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne by carrying forward her legacy of sustainability.

“The Jubilee is an historic occasion,” said QGC chair Sir Nicholas Bacon. “The Queen’s Green Canopy is giving everyone the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable milestone by planting trees with care, at the right time of year, in the right place so they will thrive for generations to come.”

In March, the Queen, who is patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, and Prince Charles planted the first tree on the grounds of Windsor Castle, and Dench says she has also planted one at her home.

Monday’s event was the first time the show has been held in the fall. Last year’s show was canceled due to the pandemic, and this year’s event was delayed from May for the same reason.

The royals have a long history of interest in the Chelsea Flower Show going as far back as 1916 when the Queen’s grandmother Queen Mary first attended the event and as Patron of the Royal Horticultural Society

The Queen has attended many of the shows during her reign. Most recently, she attended in 2019 alongside her grandson Prince William and Kate Middleton who gave the Queen a tour of her own Back to Nature garden design, which she helped design to inspire children, families and communities to enjoy the great outdoors.

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interesting fact:
A Dame a lovagi cím női megfelelője a brit érdemrendek sorában. A középkorban jellemzően, de nem kizárólagosan nemesek kaphatták a címet. Napjainkban az a személy kaphatja meg, aki valamilyen területen kimagasló munkát végez, vagy társadalmilag különösen értékes tevékenységet fejt ki.

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to attend ellátogatni/részt venni
horticultural kertészeti
to be in attendance jelen lenni egy eseményen
highlight kiemelni/hangsúlyozni
meadows (virágos) mezők/rétek
to marvel at csodálni/lenyűgözve lenni
to admit elismerni/beismerni
per se önmagában/valójában
to wander about sétálgatni/kószálni
dedicated neki szentelt/neki szánt
to feature bemutatni
canopy of 21 trees 21 fa ágaiból és leveleiből felül
összefonódva kialakuló tetőrész
hay bale sculptures szénabálákból kialakított szobrok
to invoke thoughts of valamiről szóló gondolatokat
to carry forward áthozni/átvinni
legacy örökség
to thrive for virágozni/gyarapodni
patron védnök/fővédnök
Royal Horticultural Society Királyi Kertészeti Társaság
the fall ősz
to cancel törölni/lemondani
to delay halasztani

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