Delfinek védték meg az úszót a cápától

dr. Bülgözdi Imola | 2014. 05. 17.

Videó a delfincsapatról, akik körbevették az extrém úszót. 

Dolphins ‘rescue’ British swimmer from stalking shark in charity challenge

A British endurance swimmer was attempting to swim between New Zealand’s two main islands when he realised he was not alone. Adam Walker was alarmed after spotting a shark following him closely. As the shark got close, a pod of dolphins encircled him and seemed to shield him from the shark. They stayed with him for over an hour as he carried on his 26km swim, which eventually took him just over eight and a half hours to complete.

Mr Walker is aiming to be the first British person to complete the Oceans Seven challenge which entails swimming seven of the toughest open water swims in the world. He has now completed six of the seven swims, including the English Channel, and has only the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland to go. Inspired by an in-flight film on the way to Australia, Mr Walker is swimming to raise money for Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


endurance swimmer – extrém úszó
to attempt to – megpróbálni valamit
island – sziget
to be alarmed – megrémülni, aggódni
shark – cápa
dolphin – delfin
to shield  – védeni
to carry on – folytatni
to take  – tart valameddig időben
to aim to – az a célja, hogy
challenge – kihívás
tough – kemény, nehéz
open water swim – nyíltvízi úszó
inspired by – valami által ihletett
in-flight film – repülés közben vetített film
to raise money – pénzt gyűjteni valamilyen célra
whale – bálna
conservation – megőrzés, védelem

Fill in the gaps.


to carry on

to raise money


to take


1. There are many ……………….. in Indonesia.

2. Sorry I interrupted you. Please ……………….. .

3. There was a traffic jam so it ……………….. me 2 hours to get home.

4. ……………….. are the largest animals in the world.

5. This exam question is really ……………….. . I have no idea what the answer is.

answers: 1-islands 2-carry on 3-took 4-Whales 5-tough

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