Diána walesi hercegné – szókincs, videó

Július 1-én ünnepelné Diána walesi hercegné 60. születésnapját. Rá emlékezünk.

A videó megnézése után próbáljatok válaszolni a következő kérdésekre az elhangzott információk alapján.

  1. Why was Lady Diana Spencer a breath of fresh air for the Royal Family? 7p
  2. Why did she, as a Princess, capture the public imagination? 9p
  3. How did Princess Diana show publicly that she was a mother as well? 5p
  4. Why was she like a fashion model? 4p
  5. Why was she like the Queen Elizabeth II in terms of style? 1p
  6. What did Prince William advise her mother to do with her clothes and what did they do? 5p
  7. What did Princess Diana ‘give’ to her elder son to help him in his future role as a monarch? 4p
  8. How have Prince William’s family members showed compassion, care and empathy? 5p

source (video and picture): Princess Diana’s 60th Birthday, Her wonderful life remembered, The Morning Show, Sunrise, Youtube

keys/megoldások:1. Because she was a delightful 19-year-old woman with a job in a nursery school, with friends and flatmates who was funny and playful. She also loved music.; 2. Because she had the ability to communicate with ordinary people, she would go into hospitals, talk to, touch and hug aids patients. She did the same with leprosy sufferers. She had a natural warmth, a sense of compassion and empathy.; 3. She took her children to theme parks, drove to McDonald’s with them, she didn’t want them out of her sight. They also took the royal children on tour to Australia.; 4. She had the height, she had long legs, beautiful shoulders and gorgeous blonde hair.; 5. She was like the Queen, she loved wearing colour.; 6. to auction them off; She actually auctioned these dresses off for charity in New York and William was involved in it.; 7. humanity that has injected him with compassion and care for other people; 8. Prince William and his wife have been at the front line of praising and discussing with NHS and healthcare workers and their own children have taken little care packages to elderly people living near their estate in Norfolk.


the prime of her life élete delén
grown-up felnőtt
to contemplate elmélkedni/
gondolkozni valamin
to capture the public’s imagination megragadni a nyilvánosság
a breath of fresh air frissítő változást jelentő
to beguile ámítani
splendid pompás/
train uszály (női ruhán)
coquettish look kacér tekintet
heir to the throne a trón várományosa
leprosy sufferers leprától szenvedők
compassion részvét
to fulfil a role eleget tenni/
teljesíteni egy szerepet
to bring up felnevelni
knickerbockers térdnadrágok
collars gallérok
maternity dresses kismamaruhák
to come up with the idea egy ötlettel előhozakodni
charity jótékonyság
to praise magasztalni
empathy beleérzés
care packages gondoskodást jelző

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