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... mert nem kaptak szükségszállást!

"We’re homeless and live in a car": Family of four’s struggle after being refused emergency accommodation

A family of four are living out of their car after they were refused emergency accommodation. Desperate Sabrina McMahon, 36, has begged for help as she has been left stranded with her three kids in her car for more than a week. She says she has been begging for a home in Dublin but was told she’d have to go to Kildare County Council for refuge – which was her last permanent address.

Sabrina’s previous home in Athy was ransacked by thugs two years ago and she no longer felt safe in the area. She then moved back to Tallaght, where she is originally from, and has since been trying to raise her family on her own. The desperate woman has been left needing to call to friends to make up bottles for her 18-month-old baby Chelsea as well as use their baths to wash her other two kids, Karl, five, and three year old Michaela.

Sabrina said she was left with no choice but to sleep in her car, a Vauxhall Vectra. The mum added: “It was the last resort. It’s come to the point where I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. The younger ones don’t really understand what’s going on. But the oldest does. He’s always asking where we’re staying tonight or what we’re going to eat. Their lives have been turned upside down by what is going on.”

source: www.mirror.co.uk

to be refused elutasítják, megtagadják tőle
emergency accommodation – szükségszállás
desperate – kétségbeesett
to beg for – könyörögni
to be left stranded – lehetetlen helyzetbe kerülni
refuge – menedék
permanent address – állandó lakcím
previous – előző
to ransack – kifosztani
thug – gonosztevő, bűnöző, nehézfiú
on one’s own – egyedül
to make up bottles – tápszert elkészíteni cumisüvegbe
to be left with no choice – nem marad más választása
last resort – utolsó lehetőség
to turn upside down – fenekestől felforgat

 Fill in the gaps with the words in the table. There is one extra.


permanent address

on one’s own

to beg


last resort

1. I live in Budapest but my ……………….. is in Debrecen.

2. Mary was ……………….. when she found out about the accident.

3. I’m sorry, I can’t finish this job ……………….. . You need to help.

4. The police arrested two ……………….. for breaking in.

5. Tim ……………….. his elderly dad to go to hospital but he refused.

answers: 1-permanent address 2-desperate 3-on my own 4-thugs 5-begged

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