A kislány, akinek három anyukája van


Olvasd el, hogyan lehetséges, hogy a kislánynak három anyukája is van! - olvasmány szószedettel és feladattal 

The Little Girl With Three Mums

Meet the little girl with three mums. Katy Slade’s dream of becoming a mum was made a reality after her sister offered her eggs and her sister-in-law her womb. Katy and her husband David, from Romford in Essex, were desperate to have a baby but feared their dreams were doomed. Due to a rare genetic condition Katy, 32, never developed proper reproductive organs and was unable to have children of her own.

Today, however, she and David are proud parents to one-year-old Beatrix after their sisters stepped in to help them in the most amazing way. Katy’s younger sister Lucy Marks, 27, acted as an egg donor while David’s older sister Jamie Allan, 36, was their surrogate and carried Beatrix for nine months. It was when they were still young that Lucy first promised her sister that she would help when it came time for Katy to have children. And years later her desire to help hadn’t changed.

However, Lucy, who had a boyfriend and no children of her own, ruled out carrying the baby because she was worried she would become too attached. It was then that David’s sister Jamie, who already had three children with her husband Wayne, stepped forward. Over the next few months David’s sperm was frozen, while his sister and sister-in-law were given hormone injections – to build the lining of Jamie’s womb and help Katy produce more eggs to be harvested. Two embryos were implanted in Jamie in December 2011, she discovered she was pregnant on Christmas Eve and Beatrix was born in September last year.

Nézd meg ezt is:  Popsicles – szókincs, videó, hallás utáni szövegértéses feladat

to offer – felajánlani
egg – itt petesejt
sister-in-law – sógornő
womb – méh (szerv)
desperate – kétségbeesett
to be doomed – kudarcra van ítélve
due to – miatt
genetic condition – genetikai betegség
to develop – kifejlődni, kifejleszteni
reproductive organs – nemzőszervek
to step in – közbelépni, megoldást javasolni
surrogate – pótanya, béranya
desire – vágy
to rule something out – valamit kizártnak tartani
to carry a baby – kihordani gyereket
become attached to someone – ragaszkodni valakihez
sperm – sperma
injection – injekció
to be implanted – beültetve lenni
pregnant – terhes

Fill in the gaps, there is one extra word.


to step in

to rule something out


to be doomed


1. I would like you to have an X-ray done to ……………….. any fractures.

2. Some women have morning sickness when they are ……………….. .

3. After finding out about the epidemic in Delhi, her plan to move ……………….. .

4. If you have diabetes, you need regular insulin ……………….. .

5. John would have died of a heart attack if a doctor travelling on the same plane ……………….. .

answers: 1-rule out 2-pregnant 3-was doomed 4-injections 5-hadn’t stepped in


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