Egy szívmelengető történet és két idióma

Egy szívmelengető történet és két idióma

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Olvasd el, és nézd meg hogyan egy fiatalember az anyukájával, hogy hamarosan nagymama lesz ... és még két fontos idiómát is megtanulhatsz! 

Bun in the oven: Watch the priceless moment a mother-in-law finds out she's going to be a gran

Gran-to-be's priceless reaction becomes Internet sensation, with over 300,000 people watching the amazing video on YouTube.

When Lee Kreps began tracking down her birthday present on a treasure hunt set up by her son and his wife, she may have been expecting some chocs or a bunch of flowers. What she didn't know was that the real present was the news that she was about to become a gran!

Sean and Lynn Kreps set up the trail as a novel way of telling Sean's mum that Lynn was pregnant. They filmed the whole hunt including the moment that Lee finds a clue in her kitchen - a bun in the oven. The priceless moment when the penny drops for Lee has gone viral after the couple posted the film on YouTube. Over 300,000 people have now watched the amazing video on YouTube.

Everyone loves good news, and viewers have been showering the couple with well wishes: "Great vid. Super concept. Best of everything for you and your bun in the oven," says one. "Nice job guys! What a great and heart-warming video. I wish you two the best of luck."

Lynn reassured viewers that Lee had seen the funny side of the video. "She loved the joke," she said. "I have to say, I have the best mother-in-law. She is so wonderful. We've had a really good time sharing all of this with her, and just sharing with all these people who are so happy for us."

The baby is due in December, where thegender will be another surprise for everyone.

source: Mirror

to have a bun in the over - terhesnek lenni
the penny drops for somebody - valakinek leesik a tantusz

priceless– megfizethetetlen, felbecsülhetetlen
mother-in-law - anyós
to find out – megtudni
gran-to-be – leendő nagymama
amazing – lenyűgöző
to track down - lenyomoz
treasure hunt – kincsvadászat
to set up – létrehoz, kitalál, felállít
to expect – várni, elvárni valamit
chocs – bonbon
a bunch of flowers – egy csokor virág
to be about to – azon lenni, hogy
trail - nyom
novel way of – újfajta módja valaminek
pregnant – terhes
including – beleértve
bun – cipó, buci
oven – sütő
the penny drops for – valakinek leesik a tantusz
to go viral – nagyon gyorsan elterjed az interneten
viewer – néző
to shower somebody with – valamivel elárasztva lenni
well wishes – jókívánságok
concept – koncepció, ötlet
heart-warming – szívmelengető
to reassure - megnyugtat
to share – megosztani
gender – nem
surprise - meglepetés

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