Az életre kelt LEGO rendőr esete


Megdöbbentő hasonlóság az igazi és a LEGO rendőr között:) 

Constable looks just like new Lego policeman model, Hampshire


A constable was stunned when he saw Lego’s new model policeman because it looks exactly like him – right down to his collar number. Now PC Rob Thomas, 48, is being teased by his colleagues about the remarkable mini me, which even shares his moustache. Father-of-two PC Thomas said the coincidence was so bizarre he even asked Lego about the new figure. But they told him the matching shoulder number – 1337 – and the policeman’s features had been designed purely by chance.

He said: "One of my colleagues collects the Lego figures and found my doppelganger as he opened the latest bag. He texted me about it and then when I clocked in for my next shift, there was the little Lego fellow waiting for me in my work tray. I think the likeness is amazing, especially with the matching moustache. I just think it’s amazing he’s got the same number and bears such a resemblance to me – it really is astonishing. There’s been a lot of banter about my resemblance to this old British bobby. My colleagues have been sending me lots of emails with photos of him attached. I think it’s a great bit of fun and the figure has pride of place in my work tray. My family think the whole thing is hilarious and my wife Sandra thinks it’s highly entertaining having her husband immortalised in plastic too."

PC Thomas, who has a 14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son, said he was a fan of Lego as a child. The limited edition ‘Constable’ mini figure, complete with hat and truncheon, has just been released as part of Series 11, a collection of 13 toys. PC Thomas’s colleague PCSO Ian Nicholson, a keen Lego collector, spotted the toy’s similarity. He said: "I couldn’t believe it when I saw this little copper even had Rob’s shoulder number. It even looks like him, which is quite funny."

LEGO spokesperson Emma Owen said: "We are completely astounded and thrilled that the Constable from the Series 11 LEGO Minifigures has found its very own life size doppelganger in Hampshire. From Skydivers to Sea Captains, all LEGO Minifigure characters created by our top toy designers from around the world are completely unique. This means the odds of this happening are extremely rare. The fact that PC Thomas and the Constable share the same badge number is just the icing on the cake."

source: Solent News

constable – közrendőr
stunned – döbbent
to tease – ugratni vkit
mini me – kicsinyített mása
moustache – bajusz
coincidence – véletlen egybeesés
feature – jellegzetesség, tulajdonság
by chance – véletlenül
doppelganger – alteregó
to clock in – bejelentkezni műszakba
work tray – munkatálca (pl. abba teszik be az elintézendő feladatokat)
likeness – hasonlóság
resemblance – hasonlóság
astonishing – megdöbbentő
bobby – brit rendőr
hilarious – nagyon vicces
entertaining – szórakoztató
to immortalise megörökíti az utókor számára
truncheon – gumibot
copper – zsaru
life size – életnagyságú
unique – egyedi
the odds of – vminek az esélye
rare – ritka
the icing on the cake – a hab a tortán 

True or false?
1.   PC Thomas was offended by his colleagues’ teasing.
2.   The most surprising resemblance is that the shoulder numbers are identical.
3. The minifigure was found by Thomas’s cousin, who collects LEGOS.
4.   The policeman’s family also find the resemblance really funny.
5.    LEGO claim that they never use live models for designing their characters.

Answers: 1.F, 2.T, 3.F, 4.T,5.T

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