A papucsférj esete az emberrablókkal

A papucsférj esete az emberrablókkal

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Husband fakes own kidnapping for big night out with the boys

A henpecked husband went to extreme lengths to hide his big night out with the boys from his wife after apparently faking his own kidnapping.

Hapless Rogelio Andaverde, 34, persuaded friends to break into his house in Edinburg, Texas, and extract him for a night of partying, police say. The masked men stormed in brandishing guns and bundled him into the back of a van before speeding off. His terrified wife watched the drama unfold before calling the police.

Andaverde claimed his kidnappers had set him free after returning home but he was later charged with making a false report after failing to convince police. Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe Trevino told The Monitor: ‘He’s going to party in jail now. It’s humorous in a way, but also it’s very serious. We have people file false reports all the time, and we put them in jail for it. But I’ve never had someone do it just to get out of the house.’

source: Metro

henpecked husband – papucsférj
to fake – eljátszani vmit, megrendezni, hamisítani
kidnapping - emberrablás
to persuade - meggyőzni
to extract – erővel megszerez (pl. információt)
to brandish sth – vmivel hadonászni
to bundle – megkötözni
to claim - állítani
to charge with – vádolni vmivel
false report – hamis bejelentés
to convince - meggyőzni
serious - komoly
to get out of the house – elmenni otthonról szórakozni 

True or false?

  1. Andaverde and his wife are not on good terms.
  2. Andaverde wanted to go to a football match.
  3. The kidnappers were very convincing.
  4. The police received a call from the wife.
  5. Andaverde is in trouble now.

Answers: 1-T 2-F 3-T 4-T 5-T

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