Érkeznek a 3D-s kamerák

Érkeznek a 3D-s kamerák

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Hamarosan bárki 3D-s privát felvételeket készíthet. Érdekes cikk az új technológiáról.
So far, the 3D revolution has been all about Hollywood blockbusters and major sporting events. Now the cutting-edge technology is coming a little closer to home. Treasured moments such as a child’s first steps or a university graduation can be captured in 3D with the arrival of the first camcorder capable of filming in more than two dimensions.

Unveiled by Panasonic today, the L1,300 HDC-SDT750 3D model works using a sophisticated double lens. Company spokesman Barnaby Sykes said: ‘Just as we have two eyes, so the 3D camcorder has two lenses side by side. "The camcorder itself acts like the human brain in converging the two images together to create one picture in 3D." The images can be played back on 3D television sets. They are watched through so-called active shutter glasses, which open and close over each eye in an alternating pattern 60 times a second. This means that each eye sees a slightly different view of the same scene, so the brain is tricked into thinking it is seeing a single image in 3D.

Mr Sykes said: "One of the problems with 3D technology so far has been the relative lack of content – the films and TV programmes that ‘Our research indicates that people will want 3D to record important family moments. That offers a huge emotional pull." Many of the world’s technology giants have launched 3D TV sets in recent months.

Sony also offers a camera to create 3D still images. The camcorder has a slot for memory cards to store the footage and create a 3D library of a family’s most important moments.This can be slotted into a 3D television set for viewing. Customers can also buy a 3D burner to copy the film footage on to DVDs to be stored and viewed later through a Blu-ray DVD player.

The Panasonic HDC-SDT750 will be available from September.

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