EURO 2020- Királyi szurkolók – szókincs, videó, hallás utáni szövegértés

György herceg elkísérte szüleit a tegnap esti Anglia – Németország futballmérkőzésre, ezzel meglepve még a szurkolókat is. Erről a hírről nézhettek meg egy összefoglalót.

A videó megnézése után próbáljatok válaszolni a következő kérdésekre a hallottak alapján.

1.Who got more attention than anyone else in Wembley Stadium tonight?
2.How many times has he attended an England game?
3.What is common in Prince George and the patron saint of England?.
4.What did Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling do?
5.What sport does Prince George love?
6.Who did George talk to during the evening?
7.What didn’t George succeed to do before the beginning of the game?
8.What was the first live game he attended with his father?
9.What was he wearing during the England – Germany match?
10.What was he wearing in his fifth birthday photo?

Ha bizonytalan lennél, segítségül elolvashatod a videó szövegátiratát.

Prince George stole the limelight as he joined his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to watch England play Germany in the European football championship tonight.

The young royal dressed in a smart suit and tie similar to his father’s made a surprise appearance alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton at Wembley stadium this evening for the Euro 2020 last 16 clash.

It was a big moment for George who only steps into the spotlight with his parents on select occasions as he enjoyed his first England game while his sister Princess Charlotte and brother Prince Louis most likely stayed at home.

The eldest Cambridge sibling who shares the same name with the patron saint of England watched as the three lions triumphed over Germany winning 2-0 thanks to goals from Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling.

After the triumphant game at Wembley stadium the Duke and Duchess took to their official twitter account to praise the team’s incredible performance.

At the start of the night young George who is an avid football enthusiast like his father amused fans when he mumbled shyly while the stadium joined together with the players to sing ‘God save the Queen’ as some pointed out the song was about his great grandmother.

For the occasion George who was spotted talking to former footballer David Beckham during the evening donned a smart suit just like his father, Prince William with a similar tie in pink and blue teamed with a light blue shirt underneath.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge showed her support in the colours of the England strip as she sported a vibrant red 59 pounds and 99 pence Zara blazer for the occasion alongside a white top.

At the start of the match, Prince George seemingly failed to hide his impatience while waiting for the game to begin and also didn’t seem too sure about singing ‘God save the Queen’ with the rest of the crowd.

The Cambridge eldest son looked away while his parents sang the national anthem, perhaps feeling a bit shy about singing with all eyes on him.

George attended his first live game with his father to watch Aston Villa play against Norwich City in October 2019.

Then for his fifth birthday picture that same year the young prince was photographed in his three-lion t-shirt by his doting mother at Kensington palace during the England lionesses world cup campaign.

At the time it was understood to be one of his favourite items of clothing and George could frequently be seen running around the grounds of his home with a football at his feet.

source: Prince William and George Beams With Joy as England Thrash Germany 2-0, Royal Insider News, Youtube

keys/megoldások: 1. Prince George; 2. once/It is the first time he has attended an England game.; 3. They have the same first-name; 4. They scored the two goals during the match.; 5. He loves football as he is an avid football enthusiast.; 6. Former football player, David Beckham.; 7. He failed to hide his impatience.; 8. When Aston Villa played against Norwich City in October 2019.; 9. a smart suit just like his father, Prince William with a similar tie in pink and blue teamed with a light blue shirt underneath; 10. his three-lion t-shirt



to steal the limelight magára vonni a
smart suit elegáns öltöny
surprise appearance meglepetést okozó/
váratlan megjelenés
alongside mellett
to step into the spotlight reflektorfénybe lépni
occasions alkalmak
likely valószínűleg
sibling testvér
patron saint védőszent
to triumph over győzedelmeskedni
valaki felett
to take to elmenni valahová
to praise dicsérni
incredible hihetetlen
an avid football enthusiast sóvárgó foci rajongó
to amuse szórakoztatni
to mumble motyogni
to spot észrevenni
to don (ruhát) felölteni/
to team with összehangolni
to sport (jellegzetes ruhadarabot)
to fail to nem tenni meg valamit
impatience türelmetlenség
to attend részt venni
doting túlzottan rajongó
England lionesses angol női labdarúgó


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