Facebook's 'Feeling Fat' Emoticon Criticized

Facebook’s ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoticon Criticized

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Fat is not a feeling - mondják a petíciót aláírók. Mi a véleményed a "fat" emotikonról? 

Facebook's 'Feeling Fat' Emoticon Criticized

A petition on Change.org aims to have Facebook's "Feeling Fat" emoticon removed. Endangered Bodies, which is a non-profit international local-global initiative, recruited seven activists from several parts of the world to launch the petition. 

The fat emoticon is one out of about 100 used to convey a number of feelings which range from happy to sad and include pretty much everything in between. Those emoticons are posted as statuses and shared with friends on the social media site.

The Change.org page explains, "When Facebook users set their status to 'feeling fat,' they are making fun of people who consider themselves to be overweight, which can include many people with eating disorders." 

Facebook has hundreds of millions of users who log in each day and it’s the most popular social media site. With that in mind, one seemingly simple status update has the potential to influence quite a few individuals and possibly change the way they feel about their own bodies.  
The petition further notes, "Fat is not a feeling. Fat is a natural part of our bodies, no matter their weight. And all bodies deserve to be respected and cared for." 

Thus far, thousands of supporters have signed their names in the hopes of having the emoticon removed.

Complete the sentences with words from the text.

1. He is …………… . He should go on a diet.

2. The team played very well. They …………… to win.

3. The new boss …………… himself very important.

4. The poster …………… the message of the campaign very clearly.

5. The boy is very talented. He has the …………… to become a great musician.

6. We will finish this job …………… the difficulties.

7. The company is …………… employees for its new office.

8. They are trying to save …………… animal species in this continent.

9. It was his idea to become a doctor, his parents didn’t …………… him.

10. Alot of people in the town signed a …………… against the project.


1. overweight

2. deserved

3. considers

4. conveyed

5. potential

6. no matter

7. recruiting

8. endangered

9. influence

10 petition 



petíció, folyamodvány

to remove






to recruit


to convey

közvetíteni, tolmácsolni

to range from something to something

valamitől valamiig terjednek

to consider yourself something

valamilyennek tartani magadat

to be overweight

túlsúlyosnak lenni

eating disorders

étkezési rendellenességek

with that in mind

ezt figyelembe véve

it has the potential

benne rejlik a lehetőség

to influence




no matter

valamitől függetlenül

to deserve






in the hopes of something

valaminek a reményében

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