Felesleges vészhívások – Olvasd el milyen hívásokat kaptak a rendőrök április 1-én!


Mókás összeállítás a legbénább és legalkalmatlankodóbb vészhívásokból. 

Listen: "Can we go running in our bikinis?" Cops shame fools responsible for worst time-wasting 999 call.

Leicestershire Police are fed-up with silly questions and daft reports clogging up emergency lines meant for genuine callers. Police have to deal with time-wasters but the joke was on a raft of callers shamed in a compilation of time-wasting calls on April Fool’s Day.

One dim-wit called 999 to tell officers there was a rat "the size of a rabbit" in her friend’s kitchen. And another thought the best way to find out if they could pull over on the M1 hard shoulder to go to the LOO was to call the cops.

One woman calls police with a gob-smacking question: "Sorry about this, I just want to know the law on something.
"Myself and my girlfriend want to go for a run in our bikini. Would that be legal or not?"
Leicestershire Police released audio of the latest worst time wasting calls received on their 999 number on April 1. The force are fed-up with silly questions and daft reports clogging up emergency lines meant for genuine callers. So they hope the hilarious audio will make people think twice about their ’emergency’.

The worst phone call is a man requesting help exchanging trainers he has just purchased. A seething 999 operator is so angry she  brands the call "an entirely inappropriate use" of the emergency number.

For non-emergencies people should call 101 or visit the force’s website which contains a section called Ask the Police.

source: Mirror

to shame – megszégyenít, szégyenbe hoz
fool – ostoba ember, bolond
time-wasting – időpazarló, időfecsérlő
999 – rendőrség hívószáma, (mint a 107)
to be fed-up with sg – torkig lenni valamivel; elege van valamiből
daft – bolond, együgyű, ostoba
reports – bejelentés
to clog up – akadályozni, lezárni, lefoglalni, eldugítani
genuine –  valódi, eredeti, hiteles
raft of – sok (a lot of)
compilation – összeállítás
dim-wit – buta, süket, ostoba
hard shoulder – útpadka
hilarious – túláradóan vidám, mókás, nevetséges,
seething – mérgelődő, nagyon haragos
to brand – megbélyegezni, ált. valami szégyenteljest
inappropriate – alkalmatlan, alkalmatlankodó

Read the information then match the suitable answers a to e to the questions of the operator. 

There is an accident at Oktogon. A man on a motorcycle was hit by someone in a blue Volvo. Traffic is backed up (feltorlódott) on the street. It appears that the man on the motorcycle has been hurt (megsérült).

a, A man on a motorcycle was hit by a car.
b, It is 06-70-315-675.
c, One, a blue Volvo. But traffic is all backed up.
d, At Oktogon, Budapest.
e, Only the man on the motorcycle.

Operator: 999 Where is your emergency?
Caller: 1. …..
Operator: What is your phone number?
Caller: 2.  …..
Operator: What happened?
Caller: 3.  …….
Operator: How many cars are involved?
Caller: 4. …..
Operator: How many people are hurt?
Caller: 5.
Operator: We are sending help now.

answers: 1.d, 2.b, 3.a, 4.c, 5.e

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