Felmérések szerint a brit akcentus a legvonzóbb a világon

Felmérések szerint a brit akcentus a legvonzóbb a világon

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Kiderült végre, hogy melyik a legvonzóbb angol akcentus a világon:)

Survey Says British Accent Is The Most Attractive In The World

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the results of The Time Out Global Dating Survey have been released, and it turns out that Brits are deemed to have the most attractive accents in the world.

English-speakers overall did quite well, with Americans coming in 2nd and the Irish taking 3rd.

The inhabitants of Australia captured 4th place, but the real shocker is which country came in 5th.

Believe it or not, France with its long-standing history of romantic people and places only received enough votes to land it in the relatively so-so position.

Of the more than 11 thousand people who participated, only about 7-and-a-half percent said that French, which has long been known as the 'language of love', made their knees weakest.

The British, on the other hand, pulled in a whopping 27 percent of the hottest-accent vote.

Attraction is not, of course, all about how a person speaks, and a number of other dating preferences were revealed in the survey.

Both genders in a number of cities said that the most appealing professions for a potential mate to be in are those related to finance and banking.

Common deal breakers include not resembling one’s profile picture and having questionable political views.

source: GeoBeats News 

Fill in the gaps with words from the text.

It has … (1) out that British people have the most … (2) accent in the world. Americans came second and the … (3) of Ireland third. France, which is famous for being romantic, pulled in … (4) enough for the fifth place only. 11 thousand people … (5) in the survey. People were also asked about which profession they found the most … (6) for a potential … (7) and the winner was … (8). It was also found attractive if you didn’t … (9) your profile picture and had … (10) political views. 



1. turned out

2. attractive

3. inhabitants

4. votes

5. participated

6. appealing

7. mate/partner

8. finance and banking

9. resemble

10. questionable




to turn out


to be deemed to

valamilyennek tekinteni

to do quite well

elég jól teljesíteni



to capture

elfogni, begyűjteni

long-standing history

hosszú történelem



make somebody’s knees weakest

amitől remegni kezd a térdünk, ami igazán lenyűgöz

to pull in



hatalmas, óriási




társ, partner

deal breaker

pozitív irányba döntő tényező

to resemble

emlékeztetni, hasonlítani


vitatható, megkérdőjelezhető

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