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Matchmaking Daughter Creates ‘Date My Mum’ Facebook Page


A daughter whose mum has had a string of nightmare relationships and disastrous dates has set up a Facebook page to help her find a new man. After years of seeing her mother date men who were "liars, cheats, smelly or plain weird" Emily Wheeler, 30, has created a Facebook page titled ‘Date My Mum’. She is desperate to find a new partner for her mother Roz Naderer, 58, who she says "deserves to be treated like a Queen" but is twice divorced and been incredibly unlucky in love.


Emily came up with the idea after chatting to husband Simon, 42, who works as a graphic designer and helps companies to market themselves on Facebook. He thought he could apply his expertise to help his mother-in-law find a man with whom she can spend the rest of her life. "My gorgeous mum is single and looking for a man to sweep her off her feet," writes Emily on the Facebook page. "She’s been on some dates with guys who have turned out to be liars, cheats, smelly or just plain weird – and so I’m taking it upon myself to try and find her someone suitable!"

Mum-of-four Roz first married when she was 21 and was with her husband for 20 years. She then married her second husband when she was 42, but they divorced after 10 years and she has spent the last six years in a string of disastrous relationships after using internet dating sites. "One man she met and had a relationship with for two years said he was a widower and his wife had died of breast cancer, but in fact he was still married," said Emily, who has a two-year-old son Harrison. "He claimed he was going away on business trips, but was actually spending time with his wife."

Another of Roz’s long-term relationships was with a one-legged man who lived in Northumbria. "He told my mum he had lost his leg because he had an accident but it turned out it was because he’d tried to commit suicide and had ended up landing on a fence," said Emily. On her last romantic outing Roz’s date went to the toilet before returning to claim his best friend’s car had broken down and he had to leave. "Mum had been looking forward to the date and was really disappointed when it didn’t work out," said Emily. “It’s hard for her to meet people, but there must be a lovely, normal guy out there who would be perfect for her. I know she gets lonely and wants a partner to settle down and share her life."

On the Facebook page Emily states: Mum is 58, 5’4", size 10 with curves in all the right places. She has all her own hair and teeth! She’d like to meet a man who is of similar age and can also make the same claim! She has a dog and a cat and is a dynamic and intelligent woman. She loves to cook and is a dab-hand in the kitchen. Her cakes are awesome and she makes a meal fit for a king. She deserves to be treated like a Queen. If you’re interested and would like to know more (and as long as you are single, shower regularly and use deodorant on a daily basis), please drop us a message.


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The Facebook page shows photos of Roz, who has four grandchildren, "looking sexy in her sarong" on holiday, looking glamorous at the Newmarket Races and spending time with her grandchildren.
It states that her interests are walking in the countryside, swimming, reading, going to the cinema, fine wine and eating out. The page has already had lots of likes. "Mum’s perfect man needs to be someone who family is important to and who shares her interests," said Emily. "I want her to find someone who adores her and treats her the right way."


a string of egy sor
disastrous – rémes
to date – járni valakivel
to deserve – megérdemelni
to come up with – előállni valamivel
to apply – alkalmazni
expertise – szakértelem
to sweep someone off his/her feet – levenni valakit a lábáról
suitable – megfelelő
internet dating sites – internetes társkereső oldal
widower – özvegy férfi
to claim – állítani
to end up – valahogy végezni
to work out –sikerül, összejön
curves – domborulatok
dab-hand – mester
sarong – maláj szoknya
glamorous – elbűvölő
to shares someone’s interests – hasonló érdeklődési körű

Find which sentence summarises which paragraph. There are two extra sentences.

1. Emily’s mum is an attractive woman and a great cook.

2. Emily’s mum is interested in sports, travelling and reading.

3. Emily would like to find a partner for her mum on Facebook.

4. Emily’s mum had been married twice and used internet dating sites.

5. Emily thinks her mum is not able to choose good partners.

6. The reaction to the Facebook page, which describes Roz, is promising.

7. Roz receives help from daughter and son-in-law.

8. Roz has been disappointed a number of times.

Answers: A-3 B-7 C-4 D-8 E-1 F-6

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