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Te megkóstolnád a sültkrumplis-halas fagyit?

Some mad visionary has invented a fish and chip flavoured ice cream

We British can be proud of many things. We set the standard for modern engineering with the vision of Brunel and Savery. We’ve made unparalleled gains in fields of physics and biology thanks to the great minds of Newton and Darwin. Our small island has crossed oceans, conquered continents, and scaled mountains. We’ve won World Wars and a World Cup.

But all that stuff probably pales in comparison to a Whitby ice cream shop’s new flavour. Shane Teare, the owner of Teare Woods ice cream parlour, has come up with a fish and chip concoction consisting of a scoop of minty mushy peas, a scoop of fish flavour rolled in scraps, all served up in a cone with a chip as a flake.

Don’t all queue at once.


to be proud of – büszke valamire
to set the standard – meghatározni a színvonalat
unparalleled gains – példátlan előrelépés
to conquer – meghódítani
to scale – megmászni
to pale – elhalványulni, elsápadni
in comparison to – valamihez képest, viszonyítva
flavour – íz
ice cream parlour – fagyizó
concoction – keverék, kutyulmány
minty mushy peas – mentás borsópüré
to queue – sorba állni
flake – roletti fagyiba

True or false?

1. The new ice cream flavour is shocking for the British.
2. The ice cream contains peas.
3. There is real fish in the ice cream.
4. The new flavour is available many cream parlours.
5. It is served with a potato chip.

answers: 1-T 2-T 3-F 4-F 5-T

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