Repülés gyerekkel? Igen vagy nem?


Gyerekekkel repülni általában nagy megpróbáltatás. Hogyan kellene átalakítani a fedélzetet ahhoz, hogy ők is jól érezzék magukat? Olvasd el a gyerekek ötleteit, és nézd meg, milyen szuper egy Dreamliner repülő!

Thomson Airways, Britain’s third largest airline, was looking for ideas on how  to improve its Dreamliner aircraft.

The novel concept was one of several ideas suggested by four-year-old Amber Winters, from Birmingham, the winner of the airline’s  #Nameourplane competition. Children between the ages of four and 11 were asked to suggest a name for Thomson’s new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, as well as ways the airline could improve its services for young passengers.

Her suggestions included a kids’ area with bean bags and a reading corner at the back of the aircraft.

The finalists from Thomson’s #Nameourplane competition who were also asked to suggest ways it could improve its services to better cater to children.

Amber, whose winning name for the aircraft was Pixie Dust, was joined by nine other finalists for an Ambassador Day event at Gatwick Airport, where they were given a chance to present all of their ideas to a panel of judges and a tour of the new Dreamliner by Thomson Airways pilot Stuart Gruber.

“All of our finalists had some fantastic ideas, so it was a really hard decision selecting our overall winner,” Mr Gruber said.

“We’re looking forward to trialling some of Amber’s suggestions on board the new aircraft,” he added.

Top 10 innovations kids want to see on a flight

More films and video game to choose from.

Unlimited chocolate and sweets.

Free toys.

Arts and crafts area.

A soft play area.

A slide inside the plane.

A football pitch.

Cabin crew in fancy dress.

A dress up/make-up room.

A skate park.

Source: Thomson Airways survey

Other ideas for ways to improve kids’ in-flight experience included more video game and film offerings as well as unlimited chocolate and sweets, suggested by more than 40 per cent of the children surveyed for the competition. The same amount wanted free toys on board, while around a quarter of them suggested both an arts and crafts area and a soft play area. One in 10 said they’d love to see the cabin crew in fancy dress during the flight.

Other ambitious suggestions included an on-board slide (suggested by 18 per cent), a football pitch (10 per cent) a dress-up/make-up play room (nine per cent) and a skate park (seven per cent).

The survey also revealed children’s biggest bugbears on a flight which included being stuck in their seat, being bored, and their ears hurting on the plane.

source: The Telegraph

Answer the questions.

1. What should be unlimited on-board?

2. What was the winning name for the aircraft?

3. What are children’s biggest bugbears on a flight?

4. How many finalists were there in the competition?

5. What should the cabin crew wear according to one in ten children?


1. chocolate and sweets

2. Pixie Dust

3. being stuck in their seat, being bored, and their ears hurting on the plane

4. ten

5. fancy dress


to improve

javítani, fejleszteni


újszerű, szokatlan



bean bag




to cater to

ellátni, gondoskodni róla

to trial






football pitch


cabin crew


fancy dress




to reveal

felfedni, megmutatni



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