Greedy Molly – A torkos kutya története


Olvasd el és hallgasd meg hogyan végződött majdnem tragédiával a csokiimádó kiskutya története.

A greedy dog had to be saved by vets after it ate a whole bag of harmful chocolate coins.

The Jack Russell cross thought it was her lucky day when her owner left a bag of chocolate coins within easyreach of her mischievous paws. But ginger and white haired Molly needed PDSA vets to save her life after she ate the harmful chocolate.Veterinary charityPDSA is urging dog owners to keep chocolate away from their dogs over the Easter holiday due to the highly toxic chemicals it contains.

Owner Helen Bentley from Christchurch, Dorset, returned home to find a pile of empty chocolate coin wrappers neatly laid out on the floor.The 69-year-old said: "I know chocolate is dangerous to dogs but I had popped out and unfortunately left the bag of chocolate coins on a chair by mistake. It obviously didn’t take long for Molly to get into the chocolates and she ate every single one out of the bag just leaving the wrappers and the net they were in."

Helen rushed three-year-old Molly to Bournemouth PDSA PetAid hospital and the vets immediately admitted her for emergency treatment.They gave her drugs to make her vomit to quickly flush the life-threatening chocolate out of her system.Thankfully Molly was able to go home the same day with medicines to help absorb any remaining toxins and went on to make a full recovery.

Helen believes many people are unaware of the dangers posed to pets by foods such as chocolate.

She added: "Speaking to people since this incident it’s frightening how few realize it’s dangerous to give pets chocolate.Some people say they give it to their pets all the time. It’s not that well known and more owners should be made aware, especially at times like Easter."

Last year, more than 400 cases of dogs eating chocolate had to be dealt with by vets and nurses at the PDSA PetAid hospitals.Many pets required emergency treatment after falling victim to the harmful effects of theobromine – a common ingredient in human chocolate.Other popular Easter goodies such as chocolate coated raisins, peanuts and coffee beans are even more dangerous to pets.

Research from the recent PDSA report revealed more than half a million could be at risk as 7 per cent of owners give their pets human chocolate.PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon Elaine Pendlebury urges pet owners to think carefully about what they give their dog this Easter.She said: "If you can’t resist giving them a little Easter treat, make sure it is something pet-friendly, suitable or safe.A new toy or a nice long walk is a good alternative and owners should store chocolates in the same way as medicines when they have pets.”She added: "Many pet owners love giving their pet a treat but are unaware of the dangers of chocolate. The effects of chocolate poisoning in dogs usually appear within four hours of eating, and can last as long as 24 hours. Initial signs can include excessive thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, a sore stomach and restlessness. These symptoms can then progress to tremors, an abnormal heart rhythm, raised body temperature and rapid breathing. In severe cases dogs can experience fits, kidney failure or even death."

High quality dark chocolates, which often contain the largest cocoa solids content, pose the biggest risk to dogs.A small bar of dark chocolate contains more than enough theobromine to fatally poison a small dog such as a Yorkshire Terrier.

greedy – mohó, falánk
harmful – ártalmas
chocolate coin – csokoládé érme
cross – keverék, keresztezés
within reach – karnyújtásnyira
mischievous – csintalan, rosszalkodó
paw – mancs
ginger – gyömbér
veterinary charity – állatorvosi jótékonyság
to urge – sürgetni, ösztönözni
to keep away – távol tartani
due to – valaminek köszönhetően
toxic – mérgező
to contain – tartalmazni
pile -halom, kupac
wrapper – csomagoló papír
neatly – takarosan, rendesen
to lay out – kifektetni
to pop out – kiugrani
unfortunately -sajnos
by mistake – tévedésből
obviously – nyilvánvalóan, szemlátomást
to take long – sokáig tartani
net – háló
to rush -rohanni, sietni
emergency treatment – sürgős ellátás
to vomit – hányni
to flush – (ki/át)öblíteni/mosni
life-threatening – életveszélyes
to absorb – fel/beszívni
remaining – maradék
full recovery -teljes felépülés
to be unaware – nem lenni valaminek tudatában
to pose a danger – veszélyt jelenteni
to deal with – foglakozni valamivel, kezelni valamit
to require – igényelni, szükségeltetni
to fall victim to – áldozatául esni valaminek
effect – hatás
coated – (valamivel) bevont
to be at risk – veszélynek lenni kitéve
to resist – ellenállni
suitable – megfelelő
to store – tárolni, raktározni
treat – jutalom(falat)
poisoning – mérgezés
to last – tartani (időben)
initial sign – első jel
excessive thirst – túlzott szomjúság
diarrhea – hasmenés
sore – fájó, érzékeny, gyulladásos
restlessness – nyugtalanság
tremor – remegés, reszketés
raised body temperature – hőemelkedés
rapid breathing – felgyorsult légzés
severe case – komoly/súlyos eset
fit – roham, görcs
kidney failure – veseelégtelenség
fatally – halálosan

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