Hajléktalan magyar férfi vitte el a 600 milliós lottónyereményt!


Olvasd el László történetét angolul is! 

Fortuna may not be totally blind, sometimes even the goddess of luck likes to help people in need.

Last September the 55-year-old László Andraschek was not only out of work, but homeless too. He used his last forints to buy a lottery ticket for a seven-number game. After choosing the numbers he didn’t hope for a lot and continued his then miserable life with not much to look forward to. The following day while waiting on the platform of the train station, he spotted his own numbers on the wall of the ticket seller’s shop! Absolutely surprised, he fell on his knees and started muttering.

I was praying for some money, but oh god, not for a fortune! My whole body was shaking, I didn’t expect 600 million! – Mr Andraschek’s life changed overnight. He rented an apartment with his wife, later bought it too and he purchased properties for all his children as well. After a while he bought the house which serves as their home now.

I rode my bike to buy a car. When the seller asked me what sort of car I had in mind, I showed him three fingers. He couldn’t believe his eyes! – Mr Andraschek’s mother passed away recently, but fortunately she had been able to share his son’s joy, even if for just a short time.

The ex-homeless millionaire does not have extravagant plans, he intends to visit his sister who lives in Canada and to buy tickets for a long cruise. While helping his relatives financially, he also plans to launch a charity focusing on those in need. His greatest passion is watching football – now (the lucky man he is) on a huge flat screen television.

goddess – istennő
people in need – rászoruló emberek
to be out of work – munkanélkülinek lenni
lottery ticket – lottószelvény
seven-number game – hétszámos lottó (pl. skandináv)
to hope for– reménykedni valamiben, kívánni valamit
to look forward to – várni valamit, készülni valamire
platform – peron
to mutter – motyog
to pray for – imádkozni valamiért
fortune– vagyon
to shake– remeg, rázkódik
to purchase– vásárol
property– ingatlan
to serve – szolgál vmire vagy vkit
to pass away– eltávozik, elhuny
recently– a közelmúltban
cruise– hajóút
financially– anyagilag
to launch a charity– jótékonysági célú alapítványt létrehozni
flat screen television– “lapos” tévé

Find the synonyms for the following words.

1. to be out of work

a) underpriviliged, deprived

2. to look forward to

b)to mumble, to whisper

3. people in need

c) to acquire, to pay for

4. to mutter

d) to be unemployed

5. to purchase

e) aid, support

6. charity

f) to prepare for, to anticipate, to hope for

answers: 1-d 2-f 3-a 4-b 5-c 6-e

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