Hány tűzoltó kell ahhoz, hogy egy kutyát kimentsenek...

Hány tűzoltó kell ahhoz, hogy egy kutyát kimentsenek…

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...egy állítható támlájú székből? :D

EIGHT firefighters called to rescue dog which became stuck inside reclining chair

Princess, the corgi was snoozing under the chair but became trapped when her owner sat down. A team of eight firemen had to dismantle a reclining chair to rescue the dog. Three-year-old corgi Princess got stuck in the scissor mechanism.

Firefighters in Ammanford, near Swansea, said the owner had tried to free the pet by unscrewing nuts and bolts from the recliner. Rescuer Jason Cadman said: “The owner was relieved when we got her out, and the dog was wagging her tail so she was happy too.”

source: www.mirror.co.uk

The Welsh corgi is a small type of herding dog that originated in Wales. Outside Wales, corgis have been made popular by Queen Elizabeth II who has at least four in her retinue at all times. Her first corgi was called Susan and was given to her on her eighteenth birthday. She currently keeps two corgis and two Dorgis (corgi/dachshund cross), and all of her corgis and Dorgis are the descendants of Susan.


to snooze - szunyókálni
to be trapped – csapdába kerülni, beszorulni
to dismantle - szétszerelni
reclining chair – állítható támlás és lábtartós szék
to get stuck - beszorulni
scissor mechanism – X alakú, összecsukható fém szerkezet
to unscrew – kicsavarni, szétcsavarozni
nut and bolt – anya és csavar
relieved - megkönnyebbült
to wag one’s tail – csóválja a farkát
herding dog - terelőkutya
at least - legalább
retinue - kíséret
dachshund - tacskó
descendant - leszármazott

Match the words with the definitions.

1. to wag one’s tail

a) to take a nap

2. descendant

b) to be unable to move

3. to snooze

c) someone’s children, grandchildren, etc.

4. to get stuck

d) a metal screw that holds together furniture, etc.

5. nut and bolt

e) to move one’s tail as a sign of happiness

answers: 1-e 2-c 3-a 4-b 5-d

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