Happy 60th birthday, double-decker!


Hatvan éves a londoni emeletes busz.

Google celebrates 60th anniversary of London’s Routemaster buses with new Google Doodle

One of London’s most famous icons has had its 60th anniversary celebrated with its very own Google Doodle.

The world famous Routemaster bus has been immortalised in animated form by the search engine to commemorate 60 years on the streets of the capital. They first hit our roads in 1954, and quickly became synonymous with London.

Although they were briefly retired in 2005, the beloved buses were redesigned by Thomas Heatherwick and were relaunched as the New Routemaster in 2012. They differ from other London buses as they allow passengers to get on or alight at both the front and the back.


icon – jelkép
anniversary – évforduló
to be immortalised – halhatatlanná teszik
search engine – internetes kereső
to hit the road – elindulni
to become synonymous with – teljesen összefonódik valamivel
although – habár
to be retired – bevonják
to redesign – újratervezni
to relaunch – újraindítani
to differ from – különbözni
to alight – leszállni

Match the words with the definitions in the table.

1. to differ from

a) symbol

2. to be retired

b) to leave

3. icon

c) not to be similar

4. to hit the road

d) the date on which something important happened in some previous year

5. anniversary

e) to be taken out of service

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-a 4-b 5-d

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