Helyesírás ellenőrző toll – már kapható!

Szalai Nóri | 2013. 09. 11.

Bár a kézírás lassan kimegy a divatból, mégis számos esetben előfordul, hogy nem számítógéppel kell írnunk. Például az iskolában. Nézd meg ezt az új osztrák találmányt! 

Lernstift, a pen that spellchecks while you write

The age of handwriting is slowly coming to an end as some schools have turned to computers for almost everything. However, many learning institutions still require children to use a pen, and this is where the Lernstift pen can make a huge impact.

The Lernstift pen is not an ordinary pen!  A pair of German inventors has created a digital pen that can check for spelling mistakes in handwriting.It has a built-in sensor that recognises writing movements and tracks the shape of the letters to recognise words. It then vibrates when a mistake is made. The technology inside includes a motion sensor, an unknown Linux distribution, processor, RAM, and a vibrating module. The motion sensor recognises all writing movements, even if the pen is used to write in the air. This means Lernstift doesn’t need any additional recognition devices or special paper to work.

Lernstift also has Wi-Fi built-in and the pen can be connected a smartphone or PC to upload written texts online, share them on social networks or take part in writing training. 

Besidesthe error detecting function, the pen can help for more attractive writing that doesn’t look like scrambled letters. Furthermore, the Lernstift pen is capable of working alongside an app where everything you write on paper would show up on the app. In addition, the app would suggest corrections for errors, along with connecting to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Currentdigital pens use optical sensors to pick up the writing movements and digitise the words or sketches so they can be used on a computer.Future models will also check for grammatical errors and the designers hope it will help children and adults develop their writing and spelling skills and to correct grammatical mistakes, such as word order.

The software inside the Lernstift is updatable, and users will have the option to change the tip of the pen to their own preference.

The software has over 40 languages and Lernstift will be launched in English and German before being rolled out to more languages. This means it could also be used to help people learn new languages.

handwriting – kézírás
to come to an end – valaminek a végéhez érni
however – ennek ellenére
learning institution  – oktatási intézmény
to require – igényelni, megkövetelni
ordinary – hagyományos, közönséges
to check for – keresni valamit (ellenőrizni)
built-in sensor – beépített érzékelő
to recognise – felismerni
movement – mozgás
to track nyomon követni
to vibrate – vibrálni
motion sensor – mozgásérzékelő
distribution – disztribúció, kiterjesztés
additional  – további
device – eszköz
to upload – feltölteni
to share – megosztani
to take part in– részt venni valamiben
besides -valami mellett
scrambled – zagyva, összezavart
furthermore – azon kívül, továbbá
to work alongside – valamivel együtt dolgozik
to show up – megjelenik
in addition – ráadásul
to suggest – ajánlani, javasolni
current – aktuális
optical sensor – optikai szenzor
sketch – vázlat
to develop – fejleszteni, fejlődni
updatable – frissíthető
tip of the pen – a toll hegye
preference – előny(ben részesítés)
to roll out to – kiterjedni

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