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A türelmetlen boxer dudálni kezdett, mert a gazdi sokáig nézelődött ... :)

Impatient Boxer Dog in the Driver Seat

This is the hilarious moment a dog sounded a car horn for 15 minutes after its owner spent too long in an art gallery. Fern, an 18-month-old boxer, was filmed leaning back in the driver seat with her left paw resting on the steering wheel and repeatedly pressing the horn on Saturday afternoon. The animal had been left inside the car while her owner to finish browsing an art gallery in Scotland. Since being posted online yesterday, the footage of the impatient but ‘attention-loving’ boxer has been viewed more than 8,000 times.

Fern’s owners Graham and Fiona Haddow say they had only been wandering around the shops for five minutes when they heard the faint sound of a car horn. At the time they thought little of the noise, and decided to browse the Eduardo Alessandro Studios art gallery. But after returning to their vehicle 15 minutes later they were shocked to see a large crowd gathered and grew concerned for Fern’s welfare.

Mr Haddow, 58, said: ‘I came out of the gallery and looked down the street and saw a crowd of people standing around, pointing at my car. I started running because I was worried something had happened to her,’ he added. ‘When I got closer I realised people were pointing and laughing and taking pictures. She gave me a sideways glance and just kept on going,’ Mr Haddow went on. Although Fern regularly climbs into the front seat when left alone in a car, she has never actually used the horn before, Mr Haddow said.

Mr Haddow is concerned that his beloved pet boxer may repeat her new trick after all the attention it got her the first time around. ‘I think she is a bit of a diva. She just wants a bit of attention and she seems to have gotten her way this time… I might have to put something on the driver’s seat to stop her doing it again.’

source: Daily Mail


hilarious nagyon vicces, muris
horn – duda
owner – gazdi, tulajdonos
to lean back – hátradőlni
driver seat – vezetőülés
paw – mancs
steering wheel – kormány
footage – filmfelvétel
attention-loving – szeret a figyelem központjában lenni
faint – halk, elmosódott
to think little of something – nem sokat törődni valamivel
crowd – tömeg
to grow concerned for – elkezd aggódni valamiért
welfare – jólét, valakinek az egészsége, biztonsága
to point at – valamire mutatni
sideways glance – oldalpillantás
to keep on doing something – folytatni valamit
although – habár
trick – trükk, csel
diva – díva, művésznő
to have one’s way – úgy történnek a dolgok, ahogy akarja
to stop someone doing something – megakadályozni valamiben

True or false?

1. The owners left the dog in the car to go to the post office.

2. The dog often climbs on the first seat of the car when left alone.

3. The shoppers were upset by the sound of the car horn.

4. The owners were really worried when they saw a crowd standing around their car.

5. The dog likes to be in the centre of attention.

answers: 1-F 2-T 3-F 4-T 5-T

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