Karácsonyi vásárok Magyarországon – ezekre a helyekre érdemes ellátogatni!

Az ünnepi szezon elképzelhetetlen a karácsonyi vásárok nélkül. Hoztunk most nektek egy országos körképet, hova érdemes ellátogatni!

Az ünnepi szezon elképzelhetetlen a karácsonyi vásárok nélkül. Hoztunk most nektek egy országos körképet, hova érdemes ellátogatni! 


The best Hungarian Christmas fairs in the countryside

The Christmas spirit has spread all across the country. In Debrecen there will be a series of Advent programs while in Szentendre the downtown will be dressed in festive decorations. In addition, there are many programs along the shores of Lake Balaton.

You can visit the Guitar Mass in Tihany, watch the Christmas concert in Siófok, or admire the giant nativity scene in Vörs.

The largest nativity scene in Europe, with a floor area of 60 square metres, is currently being built in Vörs. This has been a tradition in this charming rural town for more than 70 years.  The nativity scene is made of pine, moss, and other natural materials. It depicts the events that took place a the time of the birth of Jesus.

photo: Debrecen, Hungary (Depositphotos)

The Advent craft fair opens in Festetics square in Hévíz. There is a special program waiting for visitors every weekend. You can savour sweet chocolate specialities, try gingerbread baking, and even visit a fish market at the fair. There will be a musical mass and a mulled wine cooking competition in Tihany while,  in Siófok, there will be exhibitions, gingerbread towns, and concerts.

Turizmus.com writes that the Assumption Basilica in Siófok is a popular sight among English, Canadian, and Chinese believers. Christmas starts in the countryside Last year, the Hungarian Christmas markets were cancelled in many places due to the coronavirus epidemic.

This year, the festive atmosphere will return to most places, for example, also Debrecen Christmas market will be back! More than 200,000 Christmas lights will adorn several parts of the city. In addition, there will be 16,000 lights on the city’s Christmas tree.

According to the mayor, the Christmas spirit will be even more accentuated this year. The good news is that you can visit the outdoor fair without an immunity certificate. Not only Debrecen, but also Szentendre oozes festive ambiance, writes HelloMagyar.hu.

Advent candle lighting, Christmas fair as well as art and cultural programs await the visitors. The programs can be attended in Szentendre from 28 November to 10 January. You can watch Christmas movies at the Danube Promenade. In addition, several artists will give an interview.

It is truly worth exploring other Hungarian Christmas fairs as well outside of Budapest; the countryside awaits you with a great variety of activities and a splendid festive ambience.

source: dailynewshungary.hu


Christmas fair karácsonyi vásár
in addition ráadásul, ezen felül
to admire csodálni, megcsodálni
nativity scene jászol
charming bájos
rural town vidéki város
moss moha
to depict ábrázolni
to take place megrendezésre kerül(ni)
craft fair kézműves vásár
to savour ízlelni, megkóstolni
gingerbread baking mézeskalács sütés
mulled wine forralt bor
epidemic világjárvány
mayor polgármester
to accentuate kihangsúlyozni
immunity certificate védettségi igazolvány
to ooze szivárog(tat)
ambiance környezet, légkör
to attend részt venni
to explore felfedezni
splendid csodás

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