IKEA őrület a köbön - az ausztrál szerelmespár svéd húsgolyós álomesküvője - cikk szószedettel és videóval.

IKEA Love - Till Death Do Us Apart

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IKEA őrület a köbön - az ausztrál szerelmespár svéd húsgolyós álomesküvője - cikk szószedettel és videóval.

If you were beginning to wonder if true romance had vanished from the face of the planet, fear not!  It does still exist, but seems to have emigrated to Australia this Valentine's Day. An Australian couple have declared not only their love for each other but also for IKEA by tying the knot at the Sydney store on Valentine's Day.

In an Australian first, romantic flat-packers Chad Martin and Lynne Klanbida walked down the aisle at IKEA Temple after winning the wedding of their dreams, which saw over 500 entries from homeware lovers across Australia. 
Lynne said: 'We wanted to get married in IKEA for a very simple reason - we adore IKEA. 

'It felt right to be able to show our commitment to one another by getting married somewhere we both love and to show the world that romance can be alive anywhere, even in the aisles of IKEA. Our visits to IKEA over the years have actually brought the two of us closer!'

Every element of the special day featured IKEA products handpicked by the happy couple, including crockery, lighting, dining furniture, decorations, glassware and meatballs! A bespoke rotunda adorned with IKEA picture frames and textiles was used as a backdrop to the unique nuptials, which took place in front of the store. The hour-long ceremony was attended by 80 of Chad and Lynne's closest family and friends, along with 80 Facebook fans who secured an invite to the big day through IKEA's Facebook page. Love was in the air and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Lynne walked down the aisle to marry the man she describes as 'MacGyver with an Allen Key.'

The lovebirds continued celebrating into the night at an intimate reception held in a private area at the IKEA restaurant, where guests feasted on a Swedish smorgasbord and were treated to a flat-pack inspired wedding cake, complete with an Allen Key for dessert!

IKEA Australia PR Manager Angela McCann said: 'We're so happy we could help bring Chad and Lynne's dream wedding to life and invite some of our biggest IKEA fans to join in on the fun on one of the most romantic days of the year. 

'We also wanted to inspire Australian couples and show that you don't have to spend a fortune when planning your wedding day. If you decide to choose a DIY wedding you can absolutely create a stylish and beautiful wedding with the affordable and inspirational IKEA product range.'

source: dailymail.co.uk


to wonder - tűnődni valamin
to vanish - eltűnni
to fear - félni
to exist - létezni
to seem - tűnni valahogyan
to emigrate - kivándorolni
to declare love - szerelmet kinyilatkoztatni/vallani
to tie the knot - összeházasodni, életet összekötni
flat-packer - (IKEA-utalás) laposan csomagolók
aisle - (oldal)folyosó, templomi folyosó
temple - templom
homeware - lakásberendezési tárgy, bútor és kiegészítők
reason - ok
to adore - imádni
commitment - elkötelezés,elkötelezettség
alive - élő
to bring closer - közelebb hozni
to feature - felvonultatni, szerepeltetni
handpicked - gondosan kiválogatott
crockery - edények és evőeszközök
glassware - üvegáru
meatball - húsgolyó
bespoke - méretre/személyre szabott/készített
rotunda - rotunda, kupolás kerek terem
to adorn - díszíteni
frame - (kép)keret
backdrop - háttér(függöny)
nuptials - esküvő, lakodalom
to attend - résztvenni
to secure - biztosítani
lovebirds - szerelmespár
intimate reception - meghitt/baráti fogadás
to feast on - lakmározni
smorgasbord - svédasztal
to treat to something - megvendégelni valamivel
fortune - vagyon
affordable - megfizethető

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