Kalandra fel! Színes indián nyár Budapesten


Hozzuk ki a legjobbat a budapesti indián nyár szabadtéri programlehetőségeiből!

Organize your own city walk

The Hungarian capital city is so gorgeous, and it is impossible that you’ve seen it all already. Take part in one of the organized, themed walking tours or plan your own. Invite your friends or family members and try to look at every building, street- plate, facade decorating element and rooftop in a different way!

Outdoor cinema

Watching a movie out in the fresh air, in front of a huge screen is not an ordinary thing to do by any means. Especially when there is a bucket of fresh and tasty popcorn or nacho chips to munch on. There is no need to wear a mask and the weather is still pleasant enough, but consider bringing a warm jumper just in case the movie ends late at night when it is chillier. Find out what Budapest Rooftop Cinema is playing this month.

A refreshing summer drink with friends

Drinking spritzer (bubbles + wine + fruit syrup, the latter is optional) is an every-season thing, but it is best in summer. Budapest’s many outdoor terraces are waiting for you with open arms in case you’d like to wave bye to the summer of 2020 in style. Invite your friends and leave the hustle and bustle of the capital city behind for a few hours; raise your glass for each other’s health and stop worrying about champagne problems.


Outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking makes us have childhood flashbacks. As kids, many of us experienced how magical it is to sit and eat sausage or toasted bacon by the campfire, laughing and having fun with friends and family members. Head to the Hajógyári-sziget or any other part of Budapest where you can find a legal fire pit, and let those toasting forks sizzle! A few month in you’ll love to think about these awesome memories.

It’s(still) beach time!

Have your heard of Lupa Beach, the favourite waterfront location of Budapesters? Well, if you haven’t, you might consider checking it out until you can, since everyone who’s ever been there highly recommends it. Fortunately, other open-air beaches and wellness centres can also be found in and around Budapest, so keep your eyes open and enjoy the last bits of summer: chill, sunbathe, drink a cocktail and try our typical beach delicacies including lángos and corn on the cob.


Let’s go to the market!

Would you like to experience the authentic market vibes no supermarket could ever provide? Would you like to fill your refrigerator with fresh meat, fruit and vegetables? Visit the Great Market Hall or head to one of the city centre’s weekly farmer markets, where you’ll be in for several nice surprises.

Outdoor yoga sessions

Grab your yoga mat and do not stop until you are at one of Budapest’s green and peaceful areas! If you’ve experienced how liberating it is to do sports outside, it is not even a question why you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. But if you haven’t, it is time to give it a shot. Margaret Island is a perfect place to do yoga, or run, but trying out SUP or going on a canoe tour on the Danube is likewise a great idea.


Morning coffee by the river

Imagine this: you wake up early, head to your favourite coffee shop and ask for a cup of coffee to go (or you make it at home, pour into a thermal coffee mug and bring it with yourself) and then drink it by the river, sitting on a bench with a view. Looking at the river or Budapest’s world famous sights can be quite peaceful, and definitely a good way to kick off a productive day.


Be a tourist!

Right now – due to the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 – a lot less tourists are walking around in Budapest than usually. If you happen to live, work or study here, use this time for your advantage: visit your favourite, otherwise crowded spots or those well-known sights you’ve always wanted to see. It is such a cool thing to experience our capital city’s calmer, less bustling side for a change.

source: Funzine

A cikk elolvasása után próbáld kiegészíteni a szövegről készített összegzést egy – egy szóval.

You can …1…. .…2.. in themed walking tours or plan your own to explore the city from a different perspective.

If you are a movie-fan but you don’t want to wear a mask, choose a Budapest ……3…. Cinema, but bring a jumper just in case it is chillier when the movie ends.

It’s high time you drank a …4.. or two for each other’s health in an outdoor terrace.

If I were you, I would pack our toasting forks, some sausages and bacon and try to find a legal fire …5….

In one of the open air beaches or wellness centres you had better enjoy sunshine, relax and eat lángos or …6.. 7… 8… ..9…

You will …10.. 11… 12… nice surprises, if you visit the Great Market Hall or one of the city centre’s weekly farmer markets.

Margaret Island is a perfect place to experience doing yoga or running …13….

You can enjoy sipping your morning coffee sitting on a …14… with a view by the River Danube.

You can enjoy visiting the famous sights of Budapest without loads of foreign …15….. around you.

key/megoldások: 1. take, 2. part, 3. Rooftop, 4. spritzer, 5. pit, 6. corn, 7. on, 8. the, 9. cob,10. be, 11. in, 12. for,13. outside, 14. bench, 15. tourists 




facade decorating element

épülethomlokzati díszítő elem

by any means

semmiképpen sem

to munch




hustle and bustle

lármás tülekedés, nyüzsgés


emlékkép visszaidézések

fire pit


toasting forks


to sizzle


corn on the cob

főtt kukorica

farmer market

termelői piac

to be in for

vár rá valami

to miss out on sg

elmulasztani valamit

to give it a shot

megpróbálni valamit



to kick off


for a change

a változatosság kedvéért

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés