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Man Heats Home With Christmas Lights

A Scottish man heats and lights his house entirely using Christmas fairy lights. Each year at the beginning of September Darrel Piper, 40, gets into the festive mood by festooning his home in Dumfries in lights.

As well as producing enough light to see by, according to Darrel the bulbs also produce so much heat that he doesn’t need to turn his heating on until January. And while you may expect his electricity bill to be sky high Darrel says that running the lights is actually cheaper than paying to have the heating on.

As well as keeping his house toasty warm, the lights also stem from Darrell’s love of Christmas. According to Darrel, his father only used to allow one set of lights on the tree and he promised himself that when he grew up he would have as many as he wanted.

to heat fűteni
to light – világítani
entirely – teljesen
fairy lights – fényfüzér
festive mood – ünnepi hangulat
to festoon – kidíszíteni füzérekkel
to see by – lehet látni (fényerősség)
according to – szerint
bulb – izzó
to produce – termelni
electricity bill – villanyszámla
sky high – az egekben van (olyan magas)
to have the heating on – megy a fűtés
as well as – is
to stem from – valahonnan származik
the love of something – valaminek a szeretete
to allow – megengedni
to promise oneself – megígéri magának, megfogadni
to grow up – felnőni
as many as  he wants – amennyit csak akar

Fill in the gaps.

electricity bill

to grow up

to promise


as many as

sky high


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1. I ……………….. in Paris.

2. We need to change the ……………….. in this lamp.

3. I ……………….. I will do my homework.

4. I can’t buy an iPad. The price is ……………….. .

5. I went to the post office to pay the ……………….. .

6. We have lots of sandwiches. You can eat ……………….. you like.

answers: 1-grew up 2-bulb 3-promise 4-sky high 5-electricity bill 6-as many as


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