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Összefoglaló György herceg keresztelőjéről. 

Prince George on his best behaviour as he is christened

He was, in every sense, the perfect baby. Prince George, who will one day be king and head of the Church of England, was calmness personified throughout his half-hour christening ceremony today. It may have been “the first time he’s been quiet all day”, as his father, the Duke of Cambridge, joked before the ceremony, but the three-month-old Prince showed he has the temperament for the big occasion as he took the whole thing in his stride. The only thing missing was a smile, though at three months old, it would have been unfair to expect that even from a royal baby.

The couple had insisted all along that the service would be an “intimate” affair, but just how intimate only emerged when Kensington Palace released the guest list, which ran to just 22 names.

Prince George, on only his 94th day in the world, had more than a look of the baby Prince William about him as his father gently jogged him up and down to keep him quiet. Just as he had done on the day he left hospital, the Prince appeared to offer a slight royal wave as he was greeted by the Queen, though some sleight of hand by the Duke may have had more than a little to do with it.

His Honiton lace robe, perfectly complemented by the Duchess’s outfit, was an exact copy of the original worn by Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal, in 1841 and used for all subsequent royal christenings including the Queen, her children and grandchildren. The replica was hand-made by the Queen’s dressmaker Angela Kelly and was first worn by the Duke’s cousin, Viscount Severn, in 2008.

Prince George was baptised in the 17in high silver gilt Lily Font, made for Queen Victoria’s children, which is usually kept with the Crown Jewels and has been used for every royal christening since, with the exception of Princess Eugenie. Using water from the River Jordan, where Christ was baptised by John the Baptist, the Archbishop made the sign of the cross on Prince George’s forehead and trickled water on his head three times to symbolise the Holy Trinity.

Source: The Telegraph

calmness personified – a megtestesült nyugalom
christening – keresztelő
temperament – temperamentum
occasion – esemény
to take something in one’s stride – különösebb megerőltetés nélkül csinál valamit
though – habár
to expect – elvárni valakitől valamit
to insist – ragaszkodni valamihez, kitartani valami mellett
all along – egész idő alatt
to emerge – előbukkanni, kiderülni
to jog – gyereket höcögtet
to appear – valamilyennek tűnik
slight – enyhe, apró
sleight of hand – bűvészmutatvány
lace robe – csipkeruha
exact copy – pontos mása
original – eredeti
subsequent – következő
hand-made – kézimunkával készített
silver gilt – aranyozott ezüst
Crown Jewels – koronaékszerek
with the exception of – valami kivételével
to baptise – megkeresztelni
John the Baptist – Keresztelő Szent János
to trickle – csorogni

Match the beginning of the sentences with the right ending.

 1. I really liked the exhibition with

2. This is her first day so we cannot expect

3. My brother took

4. The Prime Minister greeted

5. I’m so proud of my son. At the award ceremony

6. Many of the Crown Jewels

a) the queen with an enormous bouquet.

b) all his exams in his stride.

c) the exception of the last statue.

d) are kept in the Tower of London.

e) Mary to finish everything on time.

f) he was politeness personified.


Answers: 1-c 2-e 3-b 4-a 5-f 6-d

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