Az elszökött, majd a félmaratont is lefutó kutya esete

dr. Bülgözdi Imola | 2013. 10. 10.

Elszökött otthonról, majd lefutotta a félmaraton, sőt még érmet is kapott a kutya:)

Dog escapes owner, runs half marathon, wins medal, gets neutered

Marathon runners in Indiana were left stunned when a chocolate Labrador decided to join the race to the finish line. Boogie completed most of the 13.1 miles in Saturday’s event in Evansville and now race organisers have rewarded the canine with a medal for his efforts. The dog finished the race in a respectable two hours and 15 minutes, which placed him above more than half of the race’s competitors.

Kim Arney, who lost her running partner near the start of the event, said Boogie ran alongside her before being taken to Animal Control. ‘I lost my race buddy about mile 4 or 5 and picked up a new one around mile 10,’ she explained.

‘Because he did not officially enter the race, we do not have his race times. However, we are confident he set a new course record for an unassisted dog,’ Evansville police said in a post immediately after the race. ‘Anyone who might recognise this champion runner is asked to help him get back home.’

Boogie, who has taken a lot of naps since his marathon exploits, is now set to be microchipped and neutered. Boogie had escaped from his leash, for the fourth time in recent weeks, the night before the race and was reunited with owner Jerry Butts following a police Facebook appeal.

organiser – szervező
to reward – jutalmazni
respectable – tiszteletreméltó
competitor – versenyző
buddy – haver (itt futótárs)
to enter a race – benevezni versenyre
confident – magabiztos
to set a new record – új rekordot állít fel
unassisted – kísérő nélküli
immediately – azonnal
to recognise – felismerni
to neuter – ivartalanítani
leash – póráz
to be reunited with – újra együtt lenni
owner – gazda, tulajdonos 

Match the words with the definitions.

  1. leash

  2. buddy

  3. organiser

  4. immediately

  5. to recognise

a) a person who helps plan and run an event

b) right now

c) a piece of leather you can use for dog-walking

d) to remember you saw something before

e) not very close friend

Answers:1-c 2-e 3-a 4-b 5-d

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