Kutyaharapást szőrével?

dr. Bülgözdi Imola | 2014. 03. 13.

Vodkát kapott a kutyus mérgezés ellen 🙂

Dying dog saved by getting DRUNK on vodka after licking coolant out of garage

This is the miracle dog who was saved by getting drunk on vodka – after licking coolant out of his owner’s garage. Maltese terrier Charlie was given just hours to live after he drank the lethal anti-freeze substance. His owner Jacinta Rosewarne rushed him to vets who found he had ethylene glycol poisoning, which can lead to kidney failure and death within just two days.

Vets hooked the pooch up to a drip and fed him vodka for the next two days in a bid to save his life. Alcohol alters the chemical reaction, according to animal experts, and allows the body to flush the poison out more effectively. Animal Accident & Emergency in Melbourne, Australia, wrote on its blog: "The good news is that Charlie has recovered and is not showing signs of kidney failure. Charlie went home this morning, still nursing a hangover."

Ms Rosewarne told the Herald Sun: “He was definitely drunk." She added: “He was stumbling around, I’d go to pat him and he’d push me away like a normal drunk person, he was vomiting a little, whining like a drunk. I thought it was hilarious … It was distressing but funny at the same time.”

source: www.mirror.co.uk


coolant – hűtőfolyadék
lethal – halálos
anti-freeze substance – fagyálló anyag
poisoning – mérgezés
to lead to – valamihez vezet
kidney failure – veseelégtelenség
to hook someone up to a drip – infúzióra kötni valakit
pooch – kutyus
to alter – megváltoztatni
to flush the poison out – eltávolítani a mérget
to recover – felépülni
hangover – másnaposság
to stumble – botladozni
to vomit – hányni
to whine – nyafogni
hilarious – nagyon vicces
distressing – aggasztó

Fill in the gaps with the right word. There is one extra.

to vomit



to recover



1. The clown at the circus was ……………….. .

2. If you travel to Africa, take care to avoid food ……………….. .

3. When you drink too much alcohol, you get a ……………….. .

4. Gina ……………….. quickly after the car accident.

5. The teacher called an ambulance because five children started to ……………….. .

answers: 1-hilarious 2-poisoning 3-hangover 4-recovered 5-vomit

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