Leállt a férfi szíve – 9 éves kislánya mentette meg az életét


A bátor kislány kitüntetést kapott, amiért megmentette apukája életét. 

Girl, 9, receives bravery award after saving her father’s life when his heart stopped

A quick-thinking nine-year-old girl has received a bravery award after saving her father’s life when his heart stopped. Izzy McCarron, from Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire, came to the rescue when her father Colm collapsed after suffering a mystery allergic reactionThe youngster attempted CPR but then stamped on her father’s chest when she realised her arms were not strong enough.

‘I just kicked him really hard,’ she told the Matlock Mercury. ’My mum taught me CPR but I knew I wasn’t strong enough to use hands. I was quite scared. The paramedics said I might as well be a doctor or a nurse. My mum said that he was going to hospital with a giant footprint on his chest.’

Her mother, Debbie, who called 999, said her daughter was ‘a little star’. ‘I was really upset but Izzy just took over,’ she said. ‘I just can’t believe what she did. I really think all children should be taught first aid. Izzy did CPR then the paramedics turned up. He had to have two adrenaline shots on the way to the hospital and he’s now been given an EpiPen and we’ve got to see a specialist.’

Doctors believe her father may have developed anaphalaxis, a serious allergic reaction that can cause death. Her father has since made a full recovery and Izzy recieved an award for ‘outstanding bravery’ from her school.

source: Mirror

to receive bravery award – kap bátorság kitüntetést
to save one’s life – megmenteni valaki életét
quick-thinking – gyors gondolkodású,
to come to the rescue – megment (érkezik a megmentésre)
to collapse – összeseik, elájul
to suffer – szenved, elszenved valamilyen betegséget
allergic reaction – allergiás reakció
to attempt CPR – megkísérel újjáélesztést (mellkas erős lenyomása)
to stamp – rátaposni erősen
paramedics – mentősök
might as well – még az is lehet, hogy
giant footprint – óriás lábnyom
to go to hospital – kórházba menni, mint páciens
to call 999 – mentőt hívni (999: magyarban 104)
to be upset – itt: érzelmileg összezavarodott, izgatott
to take over – átveszi az irányítást, megelőz
first aid – elsősegély
adrenaline shot – adrenalin injekció
EpiPen – toll alakú, önmagának beadható injekciós eszköz allergiás reakciónál
to see a specialist – elmenni egy specialistához kivizsgálásra
to develop anaphalaxis – kialakul anafilaxia vagy anafilaxiás sokk
to cause death – halált okoz
to make a full recovery – teljesen felépül betegségből, balesetből

Match the expressions with the English definition: 

1. to save one’s life
2. to come to the rescue
3. to go to hospital
4. to see a specialist
5. to make a full recovery
6. to attempt CPR
7. paramedics 

a, to try an emergency procedure compressing the chest
b, to take action to save someone form danger, harm or injury
c, to go and get medical help at a special place designed for health care
d, to rescue from danger, harm or injury which could lead to death
e, to visit a doctor who focuses on one particular type of illness
f, to become healthy again
g, members of an ambulance crew trained to give first aid or other health care 

answers: 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-e, 5-f, 6-a, 7-g

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