Ő lenne a világ legokosabb kutyája?


Olvasd el a cikket és nézd meg a videót, és meglátod, hogyan lopja el a kutya a sütőből a csirkét:)

Is this the smartest dog ever?

Lucy the beagle is a very naughty dog. But also a very smart one. While her owner, Rodd Scheinerman, was out of the house, the dog was caught on camera strategically getting ready-to-eat chicken nuggets out of the hot micro-oven sitting on the kitchen counter.

The video captures the beagle at first moving restlessly around the kitchen floor as she smells the food being cooked. She tries to jump up onto the counter but just can’t reach. Lucy then moves around the dining table until a brilliant plan pops into her mind – the chair! She strategically pushes the chair from underneath the table with her paw so it is close enough to the kitchen counter so that she can jump up. She balances slowly along the counter past the sink and opens the oven door with her paw. The oven is too hot inside to stick her nose in, so she uses her paw again to pull out the tray of chicken nuggets. They land on the floor and, hey presto, dinner is served!  

The video has been seen by almost 300,000 viewers on YouTube.

naughty– csintalan
owner – gazda (itt: a kutya gazdája)
to be caught on camera – kamerára/filmre véve lenni
kitchen counter – konyhapult
to capture – elkapni (egy pillanatot)
restlessly – idegesen, nyugtalanul
to pop into one’s mind – eszébe jut valami
underneath – valami alatt
paw – mancs
to balance – egyensúlyozni
sink – mosogató
to stick one’s nose in – beledugja az orrát
tray – tálca


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