London tube map showing the REAL distances between stations

London tube map showing the REAL distances between stations

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Elkészült az új londoni metrótérkép, ami végre a valós távolságokat mutatja.

The London Tube Map has been heralded with revolutionising design and remains a global inspiration more than 80 years after its creation. But, despite its colourful brilliance, it has never been particularly reflective of reality. While seemingly short journeys can turn out to be several miles long, stations which are merely metres apart can appear to be a tube-ride distance away.

But a map has now surfaced showing the geographic accuracy of the Underground network – and the real distance between stations. As well as showing the tube network – which has been growing since 1863 when the Metropolitan line opened - the map shows the National Rail routes and the planned Crossrail line, snaking through the city. The map was designed for engineering works planning rather than customer use but is now being added to TfL's website due to its apparent popularity.

Londoners have been waiting for a map like this for years now. In his 2011 tube research, 'Mind the Map', Professor Zhan Guo concluded that the famous original map has a lot to answer for. 'It has a tremendous impact on a passenger's perceptions and his or her usage of the transit system', he said. 'Passengers often trust the Tube map more than their own travel experience on deciding the "best" travel path.'

Earlier this year, a map was mocked up which showed how long it takes to walk between each of the London Underground stations. Another map was designed to show how many calories could be burned if you did decide to walk between the tube line stations. The Evening Standard went even further than the official maps and sketched a map with the best pubs along each of the tube lines so that after work people can find their way home along the routes they’d normally take even if there is a tube strike.

source: Daily Mail

Match the synonyms.

1. seemingly

a) regardless of

2. tube

b) path

3. despite

c) study

4. route

d) understanding

5. research

e) metro (esp. in London)

6. passenger

f) mirroring

7. perception

g) commuter

8. reflective of

h) apparently

Key: 1-h, 2-e, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c, 6-g, 7-d, 8-f


London tube

a londoni metró

to herald



megújító, forradalmi



reflective of

valamit tükröző



to turn out


a tube-ride distance away

egy metrómegállónyira

to surface

felszínre kerülni, napvilágot látni

geographic accuracy

földrajzi pontosság



to snake through


customer use

fogyasztói használat (ügyfelek részére)

due to

köszönhetően valaminek



to conclude

következtetést levonni

tremendous impact on

óriási hatás valamire




felfogás, befogadás


ösvény, út

to mock up

modellezni, mintát készíteni

tube strike


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