Two dead after London helicopter crash (2013.01.16.)


Két áldozatot követelt a mai londoni helikopter-baleset. Töltsd le képes összefoglalónkat(pdf formátumban), hallgasd meg a hanganyagot és nézd meg a videót is!

Two dead after London helicopter crash 

Two people have been killed after a helicopter crashed into a crane on top of a residential block in central London. The helicopter crashed into a crane near a railway station in central London during the morning rush hourbursting into flames and throwing plumes of smoke into the air.
“It appears a helicopter was in collision with a crane on top of a building,” London police said.
“Two people have been confirmed dead at the scene. We have no further details,” police said in a statement. Two others had been taken to hospital, it added.
Sky News said one pilot was on board the helicopter when it crashed into a crane on a building site near Vauxhall train station, a major commuter station on the south side of central London.
They reported that two cars were involved in the incident. TV footage showed flaming wreckage strewn across a road. “You can see smoke billowing out just past the bridge,” Robert Oxley, an eyewitness at the scene told Sky News.
Witnesses said at least some 22 fire engines were at the scene, as well as police and ambulances. BBC reporter Frank Gardner has been told by the Met Police: “It’s very early stages but there is no suggestion yet this was terrorism. There is no Special Operations involvement at the moment.
The crash has caused travel chaos as roads were shut and the local bus station was closed. Local gridlock meant that emergency services struggled to get through.  
London City Airport said flights had been disrupted on Wednesday due to low visibility
source: GraphicNews, TVNZ
to crash into – beleütközni
crane – daru
residential block – lakótelep
rush hour – csúcsforgalom
to burst into flames – kigyulladni
plume – (itt) foszlány
to appear – tűnni
collision – ütközés
to be confirmed dead – halottnak nyílvánítva
scene – helyszín
further – további
on board – fedélzeten
building site – építkezési terület
commuter – ingázó
incident – eset/incidens
footage – felvétel
flaming – lángoló
wreckage – roncs
to be strewn across – szétszórva lenni
to billow – gomolyog/hömpölyögni
eyewitness – szemtanú
at least – legalább
stage – stádium
suggestion – utalás/javaslat
gridlock – nagy ipari körzetre kiterjedő forgalmi dugó
to struggle – küzdeni
to get through – átjutni
to disrupt – megszakítani/bomlasztani
due to something – valaminek köszönhetően
visibility – látási viszonyok/láthatóság

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