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Drunk German falls asleep on top of horse called Sandy after mammoth drinking session

A drunk German admitted he ‘probably had one too many’ when he fell asleep on top of a horse called Sandy after a big night out on the town. Gallons of super-strength Bavarian beer did little to warm up car mechanic Guenter Schroeder, 26, when he left a pub in southern Germany without his coat. Having missed the last bus home, the reveller came across some stables, with a bed of comfy straw proving irresistible in the cold night air.

‘When I got inside there was plenty of straw, but the problem was that there were horses standing on it,’ he explained. ‘I’d got zapped on the private parts by an electric fence as I climbed into the paddock, and wasn’t keen to get zapped again. When I saw the blanket on the horse and the horse looked so peaceful that I decided if I can’t sleep under it I can sleep on top of it. And it was really warm and comfortable and the next thing I knew I was waking up with the police there.’

The beer fan came back two days later to apologise for scaring the horse’s owner Barbara Zoch, 38, and her 16-year-old daughter. ‘I tried to wake him up but he just carried on snoring away and refused to wake. So I called the police,’ explained Ms Zoch. Judging by the state of him I imagine he had a pretty powerful hangover.’ A police spokesman added: ‘The one mystery is why the horse didn’t seem to care that he was there and let him just sleep on. In fact he only fell off when the officers tried to wake him and they were there to catch him.’

source: www.metro.co.uk

to admit – beismerni
to have one too many többet inni a kelleténél
gallon – gallon = 3,8 l
super-strength – szuper-erős
Bavarian – bajor
reveller – mulatozó
stable – istálló
straw  – szalma
irresistible – ellenállhatatlan
to get zapped – áram megrázza
private parts – az alfele
electric fence – villanypásztor
paddock – bekerített kifutó
to be keen to do something – lelkesedni valamiért, kedve van valamihez
blanket – takaró
to apologise – elnézést kérni
owner – tulajdonos
to carry on – folytatni valamit
to snore – horkolni
judging by – valami alapján ítélve
hangover – másnaposság
to care valakit érdekel valami

Fill in the gaps with the following words. There is one extra verb.

to be keen to

to snore

to admit

to carry on

to apologise

to care

1. My sister decided to ……………….. after realising it was her fault.

2. George ……………….. smoking despite the doctor’s advice.

3. I’m not sleeping in the same room if you ……………….. .

4. I ……………….. take some pictures with my new camera. How about going hiking tomorrow?

5. She ……………….. she had stolen the camera.

answers: 1- apologise 2-carried on 3- snore 4-am keen to 5-admitted

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